Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm happy to report that (so far) I haven't seen any leaks in the rig.  This is something I read a lot about on other Blogs and the various RV websites I visit.  And I can assure you it has been tested !  I've been here a week now and it has rained heavily for 5 out of those 7 days.  Obviously something I was used to when I lived here back in 'da day, but now not so much !!  LOL  Especially since I've been South for the past 6 months.

I find it very depressing and I'm not motivated to do anything.  I'm staying up far too late at night (1:00AM being the average before I go to bed) and then being tired during most of the day.  Thankfully I'm able to catch up on all the TV Shows I've missed while on the road and right now watching Criminal Minds (one of my absolute favourites).  I missed all of last Season so I've been watching 2-3 Episodes a night on my computer.  I think I only have a few more to watch.

My PEEPS are getting restless though due to my lack of daily blogging.  Did you read that comment yesterday from my riding buddy Bob ?  LOL  Nothing to blog about – woke up – it rained all day – went to bed = THE END

Bennie hasn't been himself since yesterday so I'm a wee bit worried (to say the least) and keeping a close eye on him.

Things have deteriorated here at "I and M RV Park".  Yes, I know, it's hard to believe in such a short time.  Yesterday my laundry got washed and dried but NOT folded !! Pffft !  Well OK – to tell the truth, everything got folded except the Management here drew the line at folding my socks…..those I have to do myself !!  So I suppose I can't really complain too much especially since Dinner is still being prepared for me each night.  I probably should mosey on soon though so as not to outwear my welcome.


  1. Still no rain here in West Texas, since OCTOBER! Sure wish I me some of that rain. Take care.

  2. And down here they are so desperate for rain. Fire watches everywhere and the winds are supposed to start up again tomorrow afternoon. Hope Bennie feels better. We had to take Scoots to the vet yesterday. She has a big sore that's infected. So she's now on antibiotics. Never a dull moment.

  3. See Denise, stop your belly aching about the rain. The grass is always greener on the other side and with our rain our grass is especially green.

  4. D.....Bennie has cabin fever....wants to get on the harley and RIDE.
    thanks for posting....blogging

  5. Gosh, Wish I could send some of this rain to the Texas area. I know you guys need it.

    Bob, You might be right. He is used to being outside. He quivers and shakes like he is cold but there's plenty of heat on in the rig ???

  6. It has been beautiful here at the L&L Rv park. I have been riding every day. Oh, I found an ACE hardware that has the chrome bolts for Harley's. Of course they are in a locked cabinet, but what a find. They average $5-6 cheaper than the HD kits.

    Thanks for the tester. I got it yesterday.

    Step 1 open battery cabinet on top.
    step 2 insert tip of tester into battery
    step 3 squeeze bulb causing a suckage of fluid from the battery
    step 4 peer at sucker and evaluate the colored balls inside

    four balls up equals full charge
    3 equals 75% and so on
    no balls equals purchase of new battery because it is not charging an more.