Friday, May 13, 2011


If I can't ride then I might as well buy something that relates to riding.  Yes, That's my story and I'm sticking to it !!  It's not that I 'can't' ride, it is more like I'm a WUSS and definitely a fair weather rider.

So yesterday I decided to stop by the Harley Davidson dealership in Langley.  Nice store !  And YES it is actually there, unlike the one in Port Coquitlam where I was told (LIED TO) there was one and it wasn't there.



I really was desperate for a new helmet.  The visor on my old one was so scratched I could barely see out of it.


Oh I do like to show off don't I !!  LOL


This one is way cool 'cause it has a thingie on the top to push down a sun visor.  I like that as my eyes have become ultra sensitive to light.  And then there's a button also on the top that you barely touch and the visor just pops back up.


No question where my 'loyalties' are huh ?  Or is it just plain 'stupidity' !!


And of course The Ben Man had to get in on the action to see if it was suitable.  Notice how HAPPY he looks.


But I dare say my Sacramento friend will still NAG me about my helmet as this one is only 3/4, not a full-face.


  1. VERY nice helmet - it looks great on you! Bennie is pretty cute in it, too! :)

  2. Now that looks like a very expensive "visor" that you needed with the two thingies attached!! LOL!!
    A new visor for a helmet....$10...a new Harley Helmet,(I'm not gonna say because I know!
    All kiddin aside, that's the best helmet that Harley carries and it's BEAUTIFUL!!


  3. Sassy, you should go on the CMC website and contact the chapters out there....just an idea!!


  4. I think your helmet is pretty cool. You look great in it. It's better than your old one. And for the record I didn't know the Harley Davidson dealership in Poco was closed when I said I would meet you there therefore I did not lie to you.

  5. Hi Denise,

    Does your new helmut have built in windshield wipers????? Think you are going to need them in the next few days.
    We can't catch a break or 2 days of sun in a row!!!!!!!
    Lynn, Vancouver.

  6. Lynn, Helmet visors and bike windshield should have wee wipers !!

  7. I use to ride, and once heard that, if you're in an accident (GOD forbid), those 'full-face helmets' can brake a collar-bone. I'm just throwing it out there. FYI. Wear what feels right for you.

  8. Lori says there's a reason why you are not fuken married.

  9. Byron, Found the local CMC website and have been in touch. Will meet with them for a ride when I get back from the Okanagan.

    Sharon, I definitely like the feel of the 3/4 over the full face for sure.

    L & L, Damn right !! And I've been reminding "I" (the NAG) of "I & M RV Park" of it many times !! LOL