Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The last two days have been raining and cold so not much happening.  I tagged along with my hosts to a Doctor's appointment and arranged to meet my old friend, Betty, for coffee – not to be confused with "Betty", my GPS that I gave 'da flick to last November !  Actually I had to be kind to that "Betty" and put her in da home where all the other senile gps's go.

It's been almost 30 years since I've seen Betty and she hasn't changed a bit !!  Seriously !!  I would have recognized her on the street.  That damn kid looks like she's only 30 years old instead of 50 years old !!  We've chatted several times on Skype since she tracked me down on Facebook SEE HERE but actually finally met 'in person' yesterday.  Our time was brief and we'll meet again, however I have to say how wonderful it was seeing her and hearing all about her life over the past 30 years.

Today the sun decided to come out again and I was so thrilled.  I was going to get the bike out and take a run into Vancouver, the downtown and West End area as that was my old stompin' grounds.  But Maureen suggested I take a run to Harrison Hot Springs via the #7 which I did.  What a great road to ride a bike on and Harrison Hot Springs is still as awesome as I remembered it. This is one of the times I was there and it was 1979…


A short video clip of my scenic ride …..

A quick stop on my way to take some pics.  Have I mentioned I LOVE my bike.  You have to agree it is GORGEOUS !!



I had lunch and then took a wee walk around to take some pics..



Here's a few pics that tell a little bit about Harrison Hot Springs for those that don't know…(me being one of those)

0102 0304

And two short video clips of the actual Town so you can get an idea of what this place is like…..

This is a very busy place during the summer months.

Oh,  While I was out zoom zooming around on the bike, the Management at "I & M RV Park" washed, dried AND folded my laundry.  The Management at "L & L RV Park" might want to take note here….



  1. Heh, you are getting too spoiled !!!!!!

    Wow, you'll never want to leave that place---they could be stuck with you for awhile!!!!!

    Looks like you had a great ride to Harrison.

    Lynn, Vancouver.

  2. Sassy, you should check out the local CMC chapter out there!!

  3. Lynn, I would have to agree - however, I'm not complaining !!! LOL

    Anonymous, Will do for sure.

  4. Denise...DO YOU HAVE WRITERS have some followers who are looking forward daily to the TRIALS AND TIBS OF SASSY....we may need to get a life if you stop keeping us up to date...LOL