Friday, May 20, 2011


I’m on the mend – but ever so slowly !  I’ve been sick since last Saturday (May 14th)  The cold I got put me under the covers for several days and then the normal cold symptoms started to ease off but the cough persisted.  By Tuesday, I knew it was time to see a Doctor.  Yes, As I suspected, I had Bronchitis so anti-biotics were prescribed.

Right in the middle of all of this my computer bit the bullet.  Well actually my computer was fine it just wouldn’t charge anymore.  The place on the computer where the power cord plugs into stopped working.  From the little I could see, it had broken ??  How ‘da hell did that happen ??  So when I would plug it in, it wouldn’t charge.  “I” of “I and M RV Park” was very helpful and took it to a computer repair place hoping it would be a minor fix.  No such luck.  They estimated it would cost approximately $200.00 to fix it.  Well, my computer was several years old so I didn’t want to put any more money into it.  I had just purchased an extra 2GB’s of RAM for the old computer hoping it would get me by for another year.  So off I went to get a new computer.  Yet another ‘unplanned for’ expense !!

Thankfully I had my little 10” Netbook which kept me connected to the Internet but that was about it.  Everything else was on my old computer.  With minimal charge left I copied a few files and had three computers going at once !!  LOL  The one on the left is the new one; the one in the middle is my little Netbook computer; and the one on the right is the old one.  Without putting out the cash to get the old computer fixed, I have no idea yet how I’m going to get all my files and pics to the new one ?  Any computer geeks out there with any suggestions ??




The new one has this fingerprint thingie whereby I don’t have to type in a password – I just swipe my finger !!




Thankfully the last days have been beautiful so Bennie could be outside while I was laying down.  But he wasn’t pleased to be woken up from his nap for this photo op !!





Yesterday I was feeling well enough to take the rig out as the tanks needed to be emptied and I was very low on propane.  While at the gas station this happened.  Jeeze, People will park anywhere these days !!  LOL




  1. aw! I am sorry you've been ill but glad you're feeling better and getting some sun, too!

    Man! that sucks about your computer. I'm not very techie so I can't help you out. I keep everything backed up, so when my 7 year old computer dies, there's no lost files. I do, however, lose the flash drives I've used to back things up. Or I can't figure out which flash drive I need for a particular file. I can't win :(

  2. So glad you're getting better. We have an external back up thingie so if we lose the computer everything is on that and we're good to go. And Bennie definitely did NOT look happy with being disturbed. How dare you, Mom.

  3. Glad you're better. Bronc is a bitch. Love the new computer.

  4. The repair shop should be able to remove your computer's hard drive and hook it up to your new computer as an external drive so you can transfer your files.

    Feel better soon!!

  5. That parked car picture was terrific! Sorry you were sick, and sorry as well for the computer issues. I wish I knew more than where the on button is!

  6. Bummer, Sassy, that you and your computer got sick (at the same time, no less!). Bennie looks thoroughly disgruntled. Love the talking dog video - I found it last week. I start teaching my new class on Monday and think that's what I'll open with. A little levity, you know.

    Surely things will start looking up. In fact, if there is such a thing as karma, you oughta be winning the lottery soon.

    Take care of yourselves!

  7. When I transferred my old computer to the new, I just re-installed all the programs, and used thumb drives to move the files. It was surprisingly fast, of course I could spend all day doing that stuff and be a happy camper.

    In a way it's nice, because you eliminate all the old stuff you don't use anymore. I'll bet you'll love your new computer. I've had my laptop for a year now, I think, and it still feels new. I love it.

    What kind of computer did you get?

    Feel well soon! :)