Sunday, May 15, 2011


OK,  So I'm layin' here sick to death of this rain and feeling miserable. 

My chest is sore from all the coughing I've done

I've gone through a box of Kleenix

the laying down

Me arse has

flattened from all

And I'm sick to death of doing jig saw puzzles. 

So it's my Blog and I'll BITCH if I want to !!  LOL

Seriously Folks, I am wondering how much rain can

actually fall from the sky ??


It has been relentless all day – pouring heavily.  Surely there's a maximum amount it can hold ?  Surely it's gotta stop sometime this year ??

But "M" of "I & M RV Park might have saved the day.  She called me with a link to a website about great motorcycle riding routes throughout B.C.; California and Washington…

My fellow riders

might like this



  1. It's a reference from the movie "Airplane" with Leslie Nielsen. "Surely you jest." "No, I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley."

  2. Hm. Very disappointing that Kris had to spell this out for you, Sassy. Particularly since the great Leslie Nielsen is a fellow countryman of yours...

  3. pffft ! And I'm supposed to know every line from every movie !! But I do know that Leslie is a Canadian - I actually met him in person years and years ago.

  4. And to Denise's defense she is sick as a dog and her head is pretty stuffed up. That probably explains the missed reference. Really, Denise, you met Leslie Nielsen??

    Glenn - Denise pointed me towards your blog and I have been enjoying it immensely. I haven't posted any comments on your blog yet as I have been motoring through trying to get current first. I went back to Day 1 and have been moving forward for the past couple of weeks. I have been enjoying both yours and Denise's blogs. Thank you

  5. Awww thanks Betty for sticking up for me. That Glenn can be a saucy little pup at times !! LOL But sick or not, I still would not have gotten the reference.

    Leslie Neilsen did some commercials for the Bank we used to work at - back in the 80's I believe. He came to our Centre and we all met him in the Conference Room. If Simpson is reading this she may remember this also ??

  6. Denise -- You don't have to know every line from every movie. Just the ones spoken by Canadians whom you've actually met. Is that asking so much? I think not. The AFI actually included that line in their top 100 movie quotes of all time (ok, I just looked it up, and it's #79 -- not too shabby), so it's hardly an obscure reference. You just gotta get out more!!! First, you gotta get well though, and here's hoping that happens soon.

    Betty -- Glad you're enjoying the blog! Hope to catch you over there sometime soon, but hey, in the meantime, no reason why we can't sabotage Denise's blog and carry on here, right?

  7. Denise - where was I? I'm sure I was still working at the bank in the 80's

    Glenn - I agree. We'll just carry on in Denise's blog...why not?

  8. Didn't I tell you it's warm and sunny in AB AND I'm sure would be a very nice bike ride!