Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Really a GORGEOUS spot – if it were not FREEZING temperatures.  The high being no more than 51F/10C.  I expect you can't get near this place during the Summer months.  I was quite lazy today because of the cool temps and slept this afternoon for about 3 hours.  Later in the day I FORCED myself to go out for a walk with Bennie, but quickly retreated to get my WINTER coat – my WINTER cap – and my WINTER gloves.  I wish I were kidding but I'm not !!  It hasn't rained (so far) today but it was overcast and COLD.  I had some visitors when I opened my blinds this morning…


Bennie and I just walked across the street to the 'expensive' RV Resort, although by California Coast standards these rates are cheap !!  I just won't pay them when the County Park, literally across the road from this 'Resort', is $20.00 a day.


It sure is pretty there though.  Yes, the sites are more 'manicured' and the view of the Bay and Pacific Ocean is gorgeous.


The sounds of the ocean waves coming into your rig at night would be soothing – if you could open your windows without getting frost bite at night !!  LOL


Off in the distance is the mighty Pacific Ocean and although it's not clear in this pic, she sure looks angry out there.  The waves are really thrashing about.


I'm going to mosey on tomorrow so I must go Google now to see how far I have to drive BACK to California !!!


  1. I've always wanted to visit the Oregon coast. Today was really hot here in South Louisiana and made me wonder where I could go to get a little cooler air at this time of year. Seems that we always want a different temperature that what we have (^-^)

    I personally prefer the cold. I have lived most of my life in a sub-tropical climate that has only 2 seasons, a short, mild winter and a long, hot summer.

  2. It is still early to be so far north. I know you have to go across the border before too long and I sure hope your weather improves. We got to Oregon in May and it was still rainy and chilly. But Jim still had fun fishing in the rain. Guess that's why we're still down here in AZ where it is going to be HOT this week.

  3. Looks like a nice little park. Bennie looks like he's enjoying his stay there.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  4. The Oregon coast is on my bucket list. Thanks for blazing the trail. You sure skipped the redwoods. Maybe a little time there? Would love some pictures of the country around Eureka. I have two daughters living there.

  5. You are about 90 miles south of my favorite Oregon town: Depoe Bay. All of my visits to Depoe
    Bay (and the rest of the Oregon coast) were in the summer months and each time I was there I found myself wanting to experience it in the winter.

  6. Yes, We always want a different temperature that what we are living in don't we !! LOL It's either too hot or too cold.

    Michael, The Oregon Coast is going on my Bucket List as I'm not going to be doing it like I would want. Therefore I guess I'll just have to come back !! No problem there. I'm going to have to do the Redwoods on my way back down here in the Fall.

    Dave, Depoe Bay is right on my route. Any suggestions on a good place to stay there ??

  7. This looks like such a nice spot.... love camping by the ocean! What are your plans once you get to BC? Do you think you will make it to AB? Email me - mom is coming here May 17-June 10th.

  8. HOw long are you staying in BC? Mom is coming here May 17-Jun 10th. Any chance you will come this way?