Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday I drove from Corning, CA to Medford, OR = 196 miles/315kms.  I now get to add the State of Oregon to my Map.


I pulled in to the Pilot Travel Center in Weed, CA where I thought I might stay the night…..until I saw this….


It was FREEZING !!  I said "Bennie, We're getting 'da hell outta here !"  I had checked and found out there was another Pilot only about an hour or so North and it was still very early in the day.

The driving conditions are great and that sure makes for a more relaxed day and those 18 wheelies continue to behave themselves which makes the world of difference when on the Interstates.  Shortly past Redding, CA it became a little more scenic but that also meant more twists in the road and more Mountains to climb.  I saw an elevation of as high as 4,000 feet and when you are driving 42' of vehicle that was a long climb.  Of course what goes up must come down…


I was sure hoping that I wouldn't need to use one of those runaway ramps !!! 


There were a LOT of these signs in different places and I was also hoping I wasn't IN FRONT of an 18 wheelie who might happen to need to use one of them.


I pulled in to the Pilot in Medford, CA for the night.  It was still early in the day and I surveyed the situation.  This was not one of the 'good ones' whereby they had parking for cars and RV's on the opposite side of where the Truckers are parked.  So I was smack in the middle of them and that was going to make for a noisy night.  I checked to see if there was a Wally's in Town and sure enough there was.  But many Cities in the State of Oregon (much like California) have an ordinance against overnight parking but thankfully this was not one of them.  I therefore had a nice, quiet evening and night.

But now what to do ???  It is at this point I wanted to head over to the Coast and drive along there for a few days and even pull up for a week or so.  WEATHER is everything and the forecast for everywhere along the Coast is COLD and raining every day.  Sure not ideal conditions to enjoy the beautiful coast of Oregon. Have I mentioned I HATE being cold !!  My Mother always says to me that no-one could ever live with me because of the amount of heat I always have on in my home.  LOL  I will scrimp and save and cut back on anything but HEAT !!

So today I must make the decision to drive along the Coast in the cold and rain and not be able to see its awesome beauty – or stay on the I-5 and just boot it to British Columbia ??  hmmm Wonder if my site is still available at L & L RV Park – it's warm there !!  And I have been known to back track !!  LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Irene !  We have known each other since our mid twenties !!  Irene is now **cough** **cough** today !!! (pssst, it begins with a "6" but don't tell her I told you that)


  1. Definitely the time of year for rain and fog in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you get a chance to see the coast though. It is so beautiful. We liked Medford. I'd like to spend a couple of weeks there sometime. Probably not in the spring rains though.

  2. It's sad that all that beautiful scenery in the PNW is covered up with clouds and rain.

  3. We still have a spot in our park for one more rv if you would like to make a new reservation. Everyone misses having you around.

    Lisa, Lori, Zeus, Zig Zag, Protocol and Tanner. :)

  4. L & L RV Park, Thank you for your kind invitation to make a new reservation. Everyone here is missin' all you guys also. And Bennie - well he's just gone into a DEPRESSION 'cause he's missin' Protocol so much.