Sunday, April 10, 2011


Liking this place a lot.  Certainly better than those 'RV Parking Lots' but to each it's own I suppose.  I managed to get quite a good rate so I booked for a week.  When I pulled in here it was only for overnight as I was on my way to Hollister, CA remember !  The rate is $40 a night for full hook-ups (that's electric, water and sewer for my non-RV friends) and $35 a night for partial hook-ups (water and electric only) but they have a dump station here.  So naturally I chose the cheaper one.  Even at that it is quite expensive in my books.  But the woman who checked me said there was a discount if I had Good Sam – so I smiled and said "Let's pretend I do".  Then she said there is a further discount for those over 62 years old and I said "Let's pretend I am !"  I ended up getting a night's rate for $31.00 – still expensive but the weekly rate is very good.

Here's a few more pics of my surroundings:


My rig is in the pic above on the right see it ??

The Park is not busy this time of year, however it is probably 1/2 full.  There are tons of spaces available yet people still want to park right next to each other.  Go figure !!


What I have learned since taking the above pic is that Sites 1-25 are the only ones with full hook-ups.  Plus, when Bennie and I went for our walk last night I saw a large group of people in one of the Common Buildings.  Got chatting with a guy who was outside and turns out there are 25 rigs in his party and they have a pot luck dinner every night.  They will all be leaving on Monday.  Sure will be empty around here then.

The other night Bennie finally got a bath.  His fur was hard and grainy from the dirt.  Now he's white and fluffy and soft and gorgeous again !!


I noticed one of the safety chains for the little pup had broken off !!  How on earth did I manage that ??  Yes "I", as I'm sure these things don't break simply by themselves.  Tried at several places yesterday to get another one but no luck.


I was down to 'one meal' left in my freezer so the other day I HAD to go grocery shopping.  Certainly one of my LEAST FAVOURITE things to do but a girl's gotta eat !!  $140.00 later – look at this basket – ya think I was feeding a family – or knew how to cook !!!  LOL


They say never go grocery shopping when you are hungry and "they" are certainly right about that. I bought a lot of 'junk food' that I normally wouldn't buy.  Chocolate bars, ice cream etc.

0809 1011

I now have 23 main course meals so I won't have to enter a grocery store for awhile !!  LOL I sure tested the limits of my little freezer though.



  1. Hi Denise,

    Your life sure isn't dull---police to shopping---always something going on. Enjoying it all.
    You're better off where you are than here---pouring rain---typical BC weather. Sure making short work of the cherry blossoms.

    Take care, Lynn, Vancouver.

  2. That is expensive but it sure looks beautiful there. Bennie's clean, you have food - life is good.

  3. that is one loaded basket of goodies you got there!!..what time is dinner??

  4. Ya Hoooo, Simpson finally figured out how to comment all on her own. Looking forward to lots more Lynn !

    Sandie, Yes but I got a really good weekly rate. Works out to be about $16.00 a day.

    Oh Sue, You wouldn't want to come to dinner when I've cooked anything. Ask anybody that knows me !! LOL

  5. Sassy, when you get te chain fixed, get the thicker one...well worth the extra few $$$$

  6. Sassy,

    The best I can tell from you safety chain picture:

    1) The chain looks too long and may have been dragging on the pavement until it wore through a link.

    2) The chains should be hooked up so that they form an X under the tongue. then IF the trailer comes off the ball the tongue will fall onto the chains and NOT hit the ground.