Saturday, April 23, 2011


I got back on the road yesterday after spending a wonderful 6 days with my new friends.  I didn't really have a destination in mind for that day as I figured I'd just drive until I was tired.  Well as I didn't get on the road until almost Noon, I was tired in a very short while.  LOL  I pulled into a Rest Stop where I took advantage of their FREE dump station.  My tanks were not full but hey it was FREE.

I had no intentions of doing the I-5 on this part of the trip at all.  But when you hang out in one Park for 10 days (when you'd only planned on pulling in for overnight) and at the California Chicklets place for another 6 days, well you gotta make up time somewhere.  It's already almost the end of April and I still have the rest of California to get through plus the States of Oregon and Washington.  I'll stay on the I-5 for a couple of days then I'll probably find a nice Park to rest my old bones somewhere in Oregon.  Actually the driving yesterday was quite relaxing.  The California Highway Police must be on the lookout all the time as I noticed the 18 wheelies were driving within the speed limit and at a steady speed.  I was even passing them !!  So I was able to put the cruise on and rarely had to alter my speed.

I really enjoyed hanging out with these wonderful people, riding, meeting their friends, getting things fixed and getting fed !!  I was soooo spoiled and I loved it !!


I was getting ready to pull out and something on the roof caught my eye.  I glanced up and guess who was up on the roof of the RV fixing something.  Yup, Never satisfied unless this gal is getting her hands dirty !  LOL The awning is still not working properly since that awful wind storm back in JANUARY.



I only made it as far as Corning, CA – a whopping 114 miles/183kms – and I pulled in to a Love's Truck Stop for the night.  Filled up on gas AGAIN (that was the second time for the day for a total of over $200) and propane.

I'm now only 758 miles/1,220kms from my first Canadian stop in Abbotsford, B.C. where I will spend some time with long time friends.  Really looking forward to that.


  1. Drive safe and remember that your speed limit in CA is also 55 because you're towing. Are you going out to the coast of Oregon? It is beyond beautiful out there. Be careful of the weather.

  2. Aren't we RVing so that we don't have to do a ton of miles a day? Have a safe trip to BC.

  3. Hi D. travels....

  4. Ya Sandie, I saw that sign but didn't pay much attention to it !! LOL I so desperately want to do the Oregon Coast (especially since I didn't do the California Coast) but the forecast is for rain and cold (hi's of only low 50's) right through until next Wednesday !!

    Such a shame to do such a beautiful drive in those awful weather conditions.

  5. HAPPY EASTER---hope the Easter bunny finds you !!!!!!!

    Keep your fingers crossed the weather will change---should do a bit of the coast if you can---it's so glorious.
    Take care, drive safe---looking forward to seeing you in BC.
    Lynn, Vancouver BC.
    PS. Hope you don't expect to get spoiled like you were at your last spot !!!!!