Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today's pics can be viewed HERE.

Yup, Spent another day just puttering around the house.  I am the type that can be quite content just puttering around outside.  I don't like doing stuff inside though.  This morning it was very cool – needed the heater running inside – but ok for working outside.  By early this afternoon it had reached 70F/21C.  I saw that a bunch of black gunk had built up inside the rear tail lights so took the covers off and cleaned them.

Pulled out my drill and saw the state my drill bits were in so dumped them all out, cleaned the container, organized them, threw out those useless flat kind……

Then needed to fill Bennie's food containers so figured I'd clean out that area while I was at it…..

Look at all the stuff that was packed there !!

You may notice a couple of 'odd' things in the above picture.  AN IRON !!  WTF do I need an iron for ??  I didn't even know I had an iron !!  And even stranger than that, did you see that blue box with the word "Sewing" on it !!  I just had to open it to see what was in it.  I near had a heart attack when I saw needles and thread and even several thimbles (I think that's what they are called) !!  Like I'd know what to do with those things !!

As I was going about doing 10 different things (not finishing any of them – I get distracted so easily) we had a visitor come by.

Bennie was very curious about this strange creature that was able to jump to places he couldn't and who was invading HIS TURF !  But he was so good.  He just observed from a distance yet didn't let him/her out of his sight.  I had the door open earlier and he/she went inside, checked everything out and even jumped up on the bed.  Clearly another visit inside was wanted….
But now things were getting SERIOUS !!  This strange creature was invading HIS bush.  He promptly went right over to the bush and "marked his territory" (I wasn't quick enough with the camera for that) and then walked off in a huff….
In between all this goings on I decided to clean the vent over the 'Penthouse Suite' (I wish I had gotten a 'before' pic because it was really dirty but she's sparkly now); glue the rubber that came off one of the doors; and top off the windshield wash…

Later in the day I got chatting with a neighbour who told me about the Blue Jay (?) that comes to him for food….
And here we are all set-up including my Canadian Flag.
Hey, It can't be exciting and filled with police car drama everyday !!  LOL


  1. You really did some serious puttering today girl. Glad Bennie marked his bush and claimed his territory. He is such a sweetie pie.

  2. way to work on the storage bays!!..poor Bennie!.got to protect his territory from the intruders!!

  3. i love your outdoor workspace! The kitty didn't look too concerned about Bennie either.

  4. Gerard & Linda ( CMC )April 11, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Sassy hope you noticed your plates for your bike expire in April

  5. Sassy, thanks for the reminder. I actually have it on my Android phone, and totally forgot about it. That could have saved me some money. I'll remember next time! :)

  6. I'd say Alice packed the Iron and sewing kit when you weren't looking!

  7. Marilyn, LOL - I was waiting for your comment on this !!