Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was on my way to Hollister, CA to a great (I hope) boondocking spot and stopped in King City, CA and found this gorgeous Park….San Lorenzo Park.  Hadn't planned on spending any time in King City but that's the beauty of this lifestyle… can stay or go as you please.  I had planned on just spending one night here but upon a glance at the forecast – rain, thunderstorms for today and tomorrow – and the fact that I loved it here - I figured I'd stay for a few days. Plus Bennie was desperate for a bath (use of lots of water) and laundry needed to get done again !  The pics today can also be viewed HERE


Looking at the weather forecast I saw that yesterday was going to be the only nice day (high's in the 70's) for a few days.  I decided to take advantage of that and go for a ride.  My destination was lunch on the Beach in Carmel, CA, only 66miles/102kms – what could go wrong ??  However, I was glad I checked the temps in Carmel as, although it was sunny, the high's were only going to be in the 50's.  I dressed accordingly.  Got geared up with my lunch packed as Bennie was intent on finding that miniscule grain of food buried in the grass while I was getting ready. Hit the road about Noon.

SIDE NOTE:  While I was preparing this Blog post the skies opened and it poured.  Then the sun came out.  I took advantage of that opportunity to go to the Laundromat here.  Mother Nature provided the most wonderful scent of pine in the air you just wanted to stop and breath it in.


I took the 101N for only 10 miles and exited at Greenfield, CA to take the G16 the rest of the way.  This route is a biker's dream ride.  You'd want to stop every few minutes to take pics but there are few (if any) places to pull over.  The air was so soft and warm on my face, the scenery was spectacular, and the smells were unbelievable. I sure was glad I was on the bike NOT the RV.  The road was extremely narrow and only one vehicle at a time in many places. This video was taken at the beginning of my ride when there was actually two lanes !!

Hmmmm, I wonder how high my rig is ???


One of the few places to pull off the road and just enjoy the amazing scenery.


I love the fact that Bennie is so content on our rides.  When I stopped here he didn't even want to get out !!


I eventually came to a fork in the road.  The sign veering off to the right said Carmel Village and to the left there was no sign.  NATURALLY, I took the left (wrong turn !), however, ended up in this amazing Park where we had our lunch. It is a State or National Park and for a mere $30.00 a day you can dry camp there !!! It had taken me two hours just to get to this point.



Tummy full and body rested we spoke with the nice Ranger guy who told me I should have taken the Carmel Village sign to get to the Coast.  No surprise there huh !!  LOL  He did warn me to be careful on the road as it is very narrow and other cars approaching etc.  I neglected to ask him how much farther I had to go as I had already been riding for HOURS so surely the Coast was just around the corner.  I climbed to a very high elevation and that soft warm air on my face turned into ICE, I saw SNOW on the Mountains and was sure glad I dressed accordingly.  This is the part where the ride was not so pleasant.  I went into deep forested areas and there were far too many blind 90 degrees turns.  Lots of clutch action, mostly in 1st gear, and I was getting tired.

Finally I came to a sign that said Carmel another 30 miles.  I near cried !!  Surely this sign was wrong !!! LOL  There was a young man walking up the road to his car coming from a hike.  I chatted with him and as he grew up around this area, he knew it well.  Yes, Another 30 miles to Carmel and when I told him I needed to find the 101 and get back to King City he raised his eyebrows and said I had quite the distance still ahead of me.

With no other choice but to keep going onward ho I went.  He did tell me that these narrow roads and hairpin turns were only for about another 10 miles.  I finally reached Carmel – passed it – saw a brief glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and signs to Monterey and Seaside and ignored them both !  Kept going towards Salinas where I knew I'd pick up the 101S.  I was getting low on gas at this point.  Took a quick break in Salinas where, while I was gassing up, a guy came over to 'admire' my bike……ya right !!! In less than a minute he was trying to sell me some product that kept the bugs off the windshield. It was now 4:00PM at this point.

Next thing up was I pulled into the parking lot behind the gas station to let Bennie out to stretch his legs.  A young woman came over to me asking me to take her pic beside my bike.  Well about 10 pics later, she wasn't satisfied with the quality of the previous 9, she tells me she is doing some promotional work and tried to sell me some make-up !!  ROTFLMFAO for those of you who know me !!


The last 50 miles/80kms was certainly about the destination !!  And the last 20 or so miles it was very windy.  I sure was glad to get 'home'.  It was 5:00PM and I was exhausted.  A 'stay at home' day today for sure.

BTW, While preparing this post I got the laundry washed, dried and….well, OK not folded and put away yet.  Plus I defrosted the freezer (that didn't take long as I used the boiling water method to speed it along); filled my fresh water tank and chatted with my Aunt Patsy on Skype for about an hour !!  And who says I can't multi-task !!  hahaha


  1. Great story! I laughed about the people trying to sell you stuff, and felt tired as you tried to get back home. Good stuff.

  2. What a day! Isn't it beautiful there? I tell ya, Sassy, you are certainly doing this whole full-timing thing right. I'll have to put the new photo on my work computer. New screensaver!!!

    LOL - sounds like that young salesperson could use some marketing skills!!!


  3. Exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I felt after reading your blog. Glad you took a day off today. So how much make up did you buy? Hee Hee. As much as I would.

  4. Oh Kimmer, Hope nobody follows my lead when it comes to full-timing !! I've made every mistake in the book so far and expect to make many more !! LOL

  5. Great t0 see you and Bennie are having a good travels


  6. I think you're doing good. You had me going on some Harley riding-envy. I hate that feeling when I get too tired and the road goes on forever. You're an inspiration.

  7. Wow, I was exhausted after reading that post!

    Sounds like you had a great day.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  8. Hey Denise - I've always wanted to see Carmel - on my 'bucket list' and San Francisco! Did you know it was mom's birthday yesterday? We gave her a laptop - now Lori has to get her up to speed on it! Enjoy and stay safe!