Tuesday, April 5, 2011


While at that awful 'RV Park' in Santa Maria, CA I took the opportunity on a gorgeous day to take a little run to Pismo Beach.  I stayed off the 101 and took the 166 instead.  Nice little ride.  I visited Pismo Beach, Avila Beach and one other that I cannot recall the name of.  It is beautiful in this area, however, I would not be able to Camp there due to the outrageous prices.  I saw several RV's parked in spaces just off the road and even that was $30.00 a night for simply dry camping and you are very close (and I mean VERY) to the road so it certainly would not be quiet. And to think that not long ago I was complaining about having to pay $5.00 a night for dry camping  !!

I took several pictures so if you want to see them all you can CLICK HERE

Bennie and I stopped here for lunch and Bennie met a new friend.  Look how teenie he looks next to this big guy !!




In this next video, I was trying to capture the view, the palm trees; the flowers – while riding the bike with one hand….


  1. Hi D.....great pics.....I should have been more adventuress...oh well there is this coming fall

  2. Ah, my old stomping grounds. I'm envious that I'm not there, too. I know there are two State camp grounds in Oceana. Tried to look it up for you, but couldn't find any prices. I did find a $2 discount for 62 and older. Isn't it just beautiful there? I remember riding my horse through the eucalyptus forest. What an adventure!