Wednesday, April 20, 2011


But how desperate…….I was a good month overdue and my hair was driving me nuts.  So Lori says "I can cut your hair…..if you don't care what it looks like."  Now those are comforting words don't ya think !!  ME NERVES !!  The other day I decided what the heck – go for it – it will always grow back…..right ???  She said "I won't cut it too short – and if you want more cut off I can do that after."  Here is the process….



Now that is SHORT – just the way I like it !!  But I must have said to her a gazillion times BEFORE the cutting that I like some hair OVER my ears.  Obviously she didn't hear that as she cut it OVER my ears… what's so confusing about that !!!

Look at all that GRAY (or is it grey ? I always get confused about the spelling) !!  Oh all my 'natural blond' was cut off….LMAO


Now I'm going to have to go out and 'buy' my natural blond again. hehehe

With hair cut completed I was sent off to a mirror.  I was TERRIFIED !!  OMG what has she done ?  Am I going to have to wear a baseball cap for the next month ??  She didn't even put the blow dryer on it to straighten out all my curls – she left all that CURL – I hate my curly hair.  So with much trepidation off I went to a mirror.  I stood there for about 10 minutes with my eyes closed afraid to open them !!!  (no I didn't hehehe)  Finally I opened my eyes and got the SHOCK of a lifetime…….I LIKED IT !!  Now who woulda thunk ??  I really liked it !!!  And boy did it ever feel good getting all that weight off my head.


Yesterday morning I heard this noise by the driver's window.  I checked it out…..wait for about 10 seconds or so into the video

This little bird sure isn't the smartest one among the flock that's for sure.  It did this about 20 times before finally giving up….or got it's little brains knocked out so bad it had to take a wee rest.

Here's a pic of Bennie and Protocol doing their 'dance'.  It's hysterical to watch….


Yesterday Lisa and I washed our bikes.  That black Dyna is sure smokin' shiny now !!


It's so relaxing here at L & L RV Park and I continue to be spoiled rotten !  But I don't want to overstay my welcome so have to start thinking about moving on soon.  Unless a 'major purchase' I've been thinking about materializes which will require me to stay a little longer.  We'll see….


  1. I can relate to your haircut trepidation. Although my hair is down to my waist, I still freak out about getting too much cut off. I have enough to handle a mistake, you don't. She did a good job.

  2. Nice cut, now what's the big purchase.....a bigger bike I'd say!!


  3. Nice haircut! Sometimes a change is just what's needed. Looks easy to take care of too!

  4. Your hair looks great! There is only one Stylist I trust in the whole country to cut my hair, and she's in Florida!
    Going to have to find someone up North, I hope she does something "different" for me that I like!
    We've had birds knocking themselves out against our Mirror glass windows, so far not too badly hurt.

  5. Love the hair cut. We cut ours cut today and it feels so good.

    That bird really wanted whatever you had inside. Pure determination - oh wait - probably stupidity.

  6. Love the short hair!!! It makes you look, well, sassy! Seeing you on camera yesterday made me want to get mine cut.

  7. Love a woman who knows how to wear short hair! Reminds me I should cut mine today before we cut our electrical umbilicus. Robocut to the rescue!

    The Good Luck Duck

  8. Your hair looks darling! I have short hair, too, and I know how hard it is to get a good cut.

  9. Second thought here, ya bought a new home there!!??


  10. Hey, after seeing that 'naturally' curly hair I remembered why you probably packed the iron! Did you happen to find any scotch tape. LOL I know you will understand what I'm talking about!