Friday, April 29, 2011


I just couldn't take it anymore !!  So cold and so much rain.  The following videos will give you a wee glimpse…

How cold was it you might ask ?  Well so cold that I had to put my clothes by the heater to warm them up !! They were da pure ICE when I took them out of the closet.

I left Beverly Beach State Park with the intentions of driving along the Oregon Coast for one more day and then heading over to the I-5 for my final descent back into British Columbia, CANADA !  My destination for that day was Tillamook, Oregon.

I wasn't on the road very long and the driving conditions were so awful I said "SCREW THIS !"  At Tillamook, I saw a sign for a route to Portland and took it.

It was pouring rain so hard and the rain drops were so large they almost looked like snow.  Pffft !  Snow !  Silly me !!  It's frikkin' the end of April.  But sure enough it was SNOW – and not just looking up into the mountains.  This disgusting stuff was on the ground.
I trucked on and eventually made it to Wally's in Cornelius, Oregon where I spent the night.  Thankfully today was beautiful driving conditions = NO RAIN and although it wasn't 'warm', it was nice and sunny. 
I now get to add another State to my map..
These pics are entering the Seattle area – not hard to tell I'm back in the big city zone. YUCK
Of course it's about mid afternoon by the time I reach Seattle and guess what…

Seattle is not a 'pretty' City, but look at that gorgeous sky !!

Starting to see the signs for Vancouver now !!!
And look at those mountains..

I drove to Bellingham, WA today for a total of 288 miles/463kms.  That's a lot farther than I had planned but I got on the road a little earlier than usual plus the driving conditions were so good it was very relaxing.

Tomorrow I re-enter Canada and get to spend time with my long time Friend, Irene, who lives just an hour outside of Vancouver in Abbotsford.  Plus I will also get to see many old friends that I've stayed in touch with over the years.


  1. Heh Denise---you are close to your old stomping grounds now----hard to believe you have to come to Vancouver to get better weather--& it's to be nice all weekend.
    Welcome back to Canada & look forward to getting to meet up with you in the near future.

    Lynn, Vancouver. BC.

  2. When I saw "Damn you Oregon Coast" I was afraid you had headed South!! But am so glad you headed North. As Lynn said it is suppose to be beautiful and warm this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  3. Absolutely love those your pictures of the sky and clouds. Maybe you can come back down along the Washington - Oregon coast. The weather should be a lot better in the fall. Have fun with your friends in Canada.

  4. I'm glad you are going to get where you're going. It's nice to be able to take an alternate route with better weather. Have fun in Abbotsford! :)

  5. So sorry that Oregon didn't treat you better. It's all about timing. We are heading for the coast on Monday and it's sunny skies. Hopefully you can come back sometime and see how beautiful it can be. Travel safe.

  6. Hi D....WELCOME BACK to CANADA and the $ 5.00 plus gallon.....O....forgot its bigger......