Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today I drove a whopping 11.9 miles in some direction ?? LOL  Actually I had decided to 'hang around the house' today, took a shower; did some chores etc.  I went into Wally's to do a mini stock-up and was disappointed to find it wasn't a 'SuperCenter' one.  Have gotten used to those whereby I can get everything, including groceries, all in one spot.  Took advantage of their Garden Centre (where there's always a water hose) to fill up my water tank – yes GLENN pay attention here – it's free !  There was a Lowe's right next door which had a Garden Centre (read: water hose) but that parking lot was far too congested for my 42'.

While doing that I got chatting with one of the employees who told me there was a WalMart SuperCenter only 8 miles up the road.  I was going to just mosey around Medford anyways but despite being only 8 miles it technically is in another community of Eagle Point where I am residing tonight – still contemplating my next move.

My 'executive decision' tonight is that I AM going to head over to the Coast – but really I wonder why I bother making these 'plans' as I always seem to do something different.  LOL  Guess we'll have to wait for tomorrow to see where I'll end up.


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow's decision.

  2. I'm with you fergit the a/c turn up the heat!!!

  3. You have to go to the coast---Bennie has to put his feet in the Pacific ocean---& run on the beach !!!!!!!

    Lynn, Vancouver, BC.

  4. Well played with the water...