Sunday, April 10, 2011


Spent the day puttering around outside as it was quite nice but not overly warm.  Cleaned the windows of the rig and set-up camp.  If you recall, when I pulled in here it was just for overnight so I didn't do anything.  Well today I put out my mat and chairs, hooked up the water etc. I was determined to do something about the 'basement' !!  I've gutted this area a gazillion times and re-organized things but somehow it just doesn't stay that way !!  LOL


I did get it looking a lot better but forgot to take the 'after' pics.  I'll do that tomorrow.  Then I forced the end cap back on the bumper from when I was backing up and BENT IT.  I will definitely be needing a new bumper but that's not going to happen for awhile !!


Bennie and I took a walk around the Park.  It is very large so we didn't cover a lot of it.  See this yellow van – I'll tell you more about that later.  Here are some pics taken on our walk today.  A beautiful spot this is.




There are numerous old tractors and other equipment on display here.


And they have signs by them giving the history of it.




My Dad would have loved looking at all this old equipment and I'm sure would have had stories of his own about some of them.

So about that van – well they pulled in the day after I did and there are FOUR people living in it plus a medium sized dog !!  One couple is very large in size.  The 'men' sit behind the wheel all day.  They start up the van (that sounds like an airplane starting up !!) about once an hour ??  They leave each day for about an hour and then come back and park in a different spot ??

Well tonight the Police came – I wasn't surprised !!  Three Police cars. I saw handcuffs being put on the two men – don't know about the women as they were on the other side.  The Police had the flood lights out and searched every inch of that van.  Next thing you know the van starts up and leaves.  Shortly afterwards the Police leave.  I'm just glad they are gone !!


Never a dull moment in retirement world is it !!  LOL


  1. You're cleaning out again???? Sure am glad your "neighbors" are gone. Definitely something wasn't right about them.

  2. nice neighbours!?..glad to hear that we escorted out!!

  3. Ya, I have to tell you that I wasn't very comfortable with them around. I try not to judge people, however, my instinct just told me they could be trouble. I particularly wasn't comfortable late at night when I was outside with Bennie.