Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I woke up this morning to a strange brightness coming through my blinds. Curious as to what it could possibly be, I immediately jumped out of bed to investigate !  Very carefully I opened the blinds to the most amazing thing that looked vaguely familiar……
I had decided last night that I was going to mosey on a little more today so by about 1 o'clock this afternoon I managed to get on the road.  Not a person to be rushed you see !!

A leisurely and very scenic drive was ahead of me.  On these roads you really don't want to do more than about 40 mph due to them being narrow and curvy. I drove farther than I had actually planned – from Winchester Bay to just past Newport for a total of about 82 miles.  I was going to stop in Yachats (52 miles) but most of the SP's do not have pull-thru sites.  And I really didn't want to have to un-hook. Besides I really was enjoying the drive.
For those of you who were nagging me to take the Coast and I WARNED you that I would come after you if I regretted it – well you can relax now 'cause this route is beyond awesome. It BEGS to be ridden on a motorcycle - not in a big ol' motorhome.  The twists and curves in the road (to say nothing of the spectacular scenery) is a bikers dream ride.  My 'plan' was to find a nice campground (no shortage of them on this route) to pull in for about a week and then explore the areas on my Harley.  Alas that is not to be as the weather is simply not co-operating at all.  It's still fairly cold and POURING RAIN as I type.
         Sandie, You and Jim have got to put the Oregon Coast on your 'short' list as you would love it.  Tell Jim there is fishing everywhere around here !!

I was going through a small town just South of where I am now, stopped at a traffic light when I see this Class B in front of me.  I noticed on the rear tire cover Saskatoon, SK.  Ahhh, A fellow Canadian I thought as I glanced down to the license plate.  WELL it was none other than Newfoundland Labrador !!  First time I've seen a fellow Newfoundlander since the beginning of my travels.
I pulled around them to get side by side and we chatted through the windows while waiting for the light to turn.  They are from the same town as where I am from.  I pulled in a little farther up the road and we chatted some more.  They are also heading to B.C. and then back across Canada to home.  They are now pulled in at the next site to mine here at the Beverly Beach State Park.
I tried to get some pics and videos of the drive but it was very difficult so here's all I managed to get……


This State Park is huge and looks awesome.  I may tootle on tomorrow or stay – depending on the weather.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We have a very close friend that is a Newfoundlander. She has lived in Texas for the last thirty or so years but goes home every other year or so via a 5th wheel.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. My dear the Newfies are everywhere, I tells ya!! Drive and ride safe....(check your e-mail)!!


  3. Sure wish the weather would cooperate a little bit but according to the weatherman this morning - you guys are getting hit pretty good today with rain. Be safe.

  4. I have never been up that way. Sure looks like a great place for some riding.