Monday, April 18, 2011


Another great day here (this was yesterday) in Sacramento – high 70's and a great little run to Stockton and surrounding area.  Once again I love it when I'm just following someone and therefore don't have to worry about directions, watching for signs, getting lost.  I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

So we're getting ready for our ride and Lori wants to show me her helmet collection.  She pulled out FOUR really nice helmets (that's in addition to the one she was wearing today) and very subtly spoke about them.  WELL, I wasn't born yesterday and I caught on right away – but I 'amused' her and looked at them and even tried one on.  It was far too small for my head.  Then a few minutes later she said something like "Why don't you try Lisa's." 

You see Folks she was trying to tell me my helmet wasn't good enough (not full face etc) and was being the "motherly type".  God love her !!  LOL  But after all the NAGGING I finally said "LORI !  There's a reason I'm not married ya know !!"  We had a great laugh over that one and used it many times throughout the day as she "gently tried to suggest I do this or not do that" (NAGGING)  **wink** **wink**

Here's a few pics of my 'campsite'. Not too shabby huh !

01 02


When we got back from riding it was very hot and Lori decided to cool off in the pool. And "I" decided that Bennie needed his first swim.  Now my little guy is 11 years old and has never been in water yet it's amazing how instinctively dogs just know how to swim.

After his swim he did his usually fritzy routine like he does after his bath.

Then one of the 'small horses' wanted to get in on the action and play also but Bennie wanted no part of that !!

And if all of this isn't just fabulous enough I GOT DINNER COOKED FOR ME AGAIN.  I could REALLY get used to this !!


Next thing was a few games of pool.  I played a lot of pool games 'back in 'da day' but haven't played in probably 20 years.  I got my butt kicked royally but had a great time playing.


Now this particular game I had a chance of actually winning.  I really concentrated on this shot but blew it on the 8 ball !! grrrr


Now meet Protocol.  She is the one who has been following Bennie around since we arrived and then corners him.  It is a cat's life around this house.  Special seating areas were built on the windows so they can look outside.



  1. That looks like a wonderful place to "camp" Is Lori taking reservations?

  2. LOL! Do you think Bennie ever stops and asks himself "WTF?????". How funny!

    P.S. After wathcing your video, I remembered how much I love to play pool. And I NEVER do! What's that about?

  3. Tell Lori how grateful I am that she is keeping such a good eye on you. I won't worry near as much. Bennie - I sure love you guy.

  4. Looks like you've found a good spot to hang your hat for a few days.

    Enjoy the riding & the warm temps.

    Sun finally shone here today---what a treat.
    Take care, Lynn. Van. BC.
    PS. Bennie's having a great time as well.

  5. I saw your comment that you used to have a Get Away Van on The Travels of Kimpobolo and decided that I need to follow you. The salesman who sold me my View was also a former Get Away Van owner. Small world.

  6. Four Windows, Welcome aboard ! I recently posted pics of my Get Away Van.

  7. Bennie is such a cutie! Funny how they can instinctively swim the first time, and I took many sets of lessons and still can't swim.
    Looks like a great place to hang, and that roast beef sure looks good, too!