Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am now quite comfortably settled in at my new residence at "I and M RV Park".  It is located on a farm and therefore I have lots of space and Bennie can run around and chase the barn cats. 

These hosts have very high standards to live up to though since the bar was set quite high by my hosts at L & L RV Park.  So far so good though as I have been treated royally with an abundance of help getting set up, a lovely cuppa tea made for me and of course dinner served.  The 'REAL' test will be of course tomorrow morning to see if I will get breakfast delivered to my door as my previous hosts did - see here

The traffic going through this particular border crossing wasn't bad…..
I'm getting closer and closer….

And I arrive safe and sound back in Canada after travelling 9,873miles/15,889kms since I left Newfoundland on November 3, 2010.

But immediately I see a problem !!  WTF is this !!???

They want me to do 80MPH on this little country road ??  No wait – it's KPH !!  OK so what is 80KPH again ?  When I first crossed into the United States back in November I thought I'd never get used to Fahrenheit and Miles and Feet etc. Damn metric stuff Canada decided to go with years ago !!  As a matter of fact, I had conversion websites permanently opened on my computer. 

Thankfully (or so I thought back then) my rig has MPH, with KPH in small letters.  It's funny how quickly one can get used to things though.  I am (and have been for quite some time) 'thinking' in miles and Fahrenheit.  Now I have to change my thinking again.  I mean let's face it, when it's 20C am I warm or cold ?  I need to know these things !!!

The problems continue as I am to turn right at this little road but look what I encounter……

WTF is that ???  I know my rig is somewhere in the 11' to 12' high range but how many 'feet' is 4.1 meters ???  I wouldn't chance it of course so I pull over to crank up my computer to do the conversion – NO INTERNET !!!  My computer knows it's now in Canada and therefore my Verizon stick thingie won't give me a signal.  How does it know that ?? 

I found another turn off and took that to arrive at I & M RV Park – with no car in the driveway !!  hmmmm, they know I am arriving as I had already spoken with Irene earlier this morning. 

Guess what ?  Well I was supposed to call after I crossed the border and Irene was going to come get me and I would just follow her to their place.  I decided (without telling them) that I didn't need to do that as I had googled the directions. 

So my dear friend is about as patient as I am (and that's not saying much !!) so got tired of waiting for me to call and got in the car and drove to the border.  So I'm at her place and she is at the Border !!  LOL

Irene lost her dearly beloved 'Hugo' just last year but hung on to many of his coats.  Bennie immediately inherited one of them….

What was I to do ?  I couldn't refuse now could I ?  That would have been impolite !!

I'll gets pics of my new accommodations tomorrow but suffice is to say I had a lovely and relaxing evening with good friends. There is no pool or hot tub here however I feel the amazing mountains views will more than make up for that.


  1. My dogs would love that vest. I think I am having rv envy, again. Have fun and think about us every once and awhile. :)

  2. Seems so strange to think you are already back in Canada and we haven't even left AJ yet. But tomorrow is our big departure day. Love Bennie's new coat. Glad you're relaxing and just hanging out.

  3. Welcome Home! Wow, almost 10K miles. Very impressive.

    I bet those barn cats are really gonna be even more terrified of Big Bad Bennie now with his Harley suit. LOL!

    Murrin, your previous hosts have truly spoiled you and the rest of us have to suffer now.
    I expect you in the house for breakfast at 8 o'clock. none of this sleeping till noon.

    Welcome to Canada.........

  5. KPH - is that English hour or metric hour?


  6. 4.1 M is high enough for my 45 ft Prevost bus.....don't worry yer good!!
    Welcome back to Canada.... and that's a shitload of mileage ya got under yer belt for a winter!!


  7. Welcome back Home I guess.... the view looks spectacular. Zeus would look great in a slightly larger version of that little Harley Jacket. We just got back from camping in Coloma with Kim and Andi. I sat right on the American River. It was a beautiful site.

    Come back soon.

    California Chicklet