Sunday, April 3, 2011

A $641.15 OIL CHANGE….

Well technically it really was only $566.48 and technically the actual oil change was $49.99, but let's so back a bit first…

Friday morning I left Wally's RV Park (there were about 20 rigs there) heading for a 'relatively inexpensive' park I'd found in Coalinga, CA.  I decided to just 'drop by' Camping World on my way out of town.  I got chatting with the guy in the Service Area about the cost of installing a DC plug in my rig and about checking the batteries – plus I also was due for an oil change.  I wouldn't normally get an oil change done at CW but if they were going to do other things I figured the convenience factor was worth it.  I've been noticing for awhile now my batteries are not holding a charge very long – even when I have pretty much nothing (other than an overhead light) on. In order to do a proper 'load test' on my batteries they needed to be fully charged and he sent me across the street to their huge parking lot that had a 30 amp plug plus they were too busy to look at my rig that day anyway. Good thing I had electricity that day because I had the AC going the whole day and most of the night.  It was HOT.

He gave me the price on the DC plug and I gave him the go ahead for that and the oil change.  These rigs should have come with one of these already installed but my rig did not and of course when I bought it I didn't know enough to ask !!  Here is my fancy new DC plug which worked wonderfully last night keeping my computer charged. The cost (parts & labour) $90.98….the parts were $15.98.


I was browsing through the store (while waiting for the results from the battery testing) and bought this stove top cover.  I have been wanting this for awhile now.  But at $59.53 (with taxes) it's not cheap.


When the testing was completed on the batteries the BAD NEWS was delivered.  They should have been at full charge (12 point something or other) but were only at 11 point something or other.  Something about electro something being very low and this electro thingie could not be brought back up to acceptable levels.  Hope I'm not getting too technical for you !!  LOL  He explained to me as best he could in 'English' that the batteries were not completely shot but certainly were not at peak capacity by any means.  We discussed my options at length and eventually I decided on replacing both batteries and also going with 6V this time instead of 12V……much more expensive but apparently much better – gives more output or something like that. At $140 for each battery and $80.00 to install them, another very expensive lesson I learned that you should not overfill your batteries when topping them off with distilled water !!! grrrr

Here are my old batteries:


And here is my new set-up in case any of this makes sense to anybody….not me that's for sure !! LOL


Naturally while they were working on my rig I got chatting with someone in the waiting room who told me that 6V batteries were $97.00 each somewhere else in town !!!  I can't catch a break can I !!

So to ease the pain I bought two little gizmos to make my RV'ing life a little easier. These didn't break the Bank.


I don't have the strength right now to tell you about last night's 'events' (getting woke up at 1:00AM and getting KICKED OUT of Walmart parking lot) and today's 'events' of the 'Park' I'm staying at right now.  Me Nerves is all I can say !!!  LOL


  1. We have 6v batteries and they are seem to work much better when we are boondocking then when we had the 12v. But now I'm dying to know what happened last night. And the events. Don't keep me waiting too long.

  2. all in the name of retail therapy!!..we feel your pain!!..onward to tomorrow!

  3. Expensive, but you got some really good stuff. The stovetop looks great. I like the water hose - I just bought a regular water hose, but I like that yours flattens. It will take less space when storing. got kicked out of Walmart? Ouch - what happened?

  4. WalMart or Sam's for batteries. I liked your gizmos. Now go find that beach-spot. I lived close to Pismo back in the 70's and remember some great camping around there.

  5. I don't know which one is more expensive CW or the Harley Davidson Store!!!!!!!!!

    Travel Safe

  6. Denise, Denise, what are we gonna do with ya??!! Always lookin for a place to spend money, LOL...if you have the receipt for those Interstate batteries and you bought them back home, keep them and I say you will get a refund.
    I don't hear any Harley stories, ya gotta get back in the saddle girl......

  7. Money well-spent! And way much more satisfying than a stick-and-brick abode!!!

  8. I think you overloaded your batteries because you needed an oil change.......

  9. it worked, lynn.

  10. You cracked us up this morning! So Sorry to hear that you were woke up and kicked out of Walmart parking lot though. That would be horrible. So what is it you ride? We are just getting into Medford Oregon right now, where our home base is and our harleys! we are anxious to ride a little. Its been six months. We look forward to your next blog.

  11. Hi Bright's ! I ride a 2006 Heritage Softail Classic. There's lots of pics of her throughout this Blog and also a pic on the home page right at the bottom. Do you guys have a Blog ??