Monday, March 21, 2011


I just saw this posted on another Blog and felt compelled (as a Biker) to post it here.  Please take the time to view it.  Thank You.



  1. Thanks for sharing. We had a Honda Goldwing Trike a few years ago and sold it because it became so dangerous to ride in our area. We were almost hit head on by a lady digging in her purse while driving very fast. That Trike was nearly as big as a car! My brother-in-laws brother was hit head on and killed because the other driver was not paying attention. Please be careful out there.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. Wow! that will really make you think! Thanks~~

  3. I see the bikers and wonder how they can ride with all the crazies out on the road, it's scary enough in a vehicle. I hope and pray that I am NEVER the person that didn't see!

    I hope eleventy kazillion people see this video and start paying attention

  4. Glad to know you folks watched the video. As a rider, you definitely have to be constantly alert. When I come to an intersection my eyes never leave the driver who is waiting to cross in front of me until I'm positive he/she sees me. Even then, my hand/foot is ready for the brake and my thumb rests on the horn.
    Back country roads are the best to ride on.

  5. Since we have a couple of really good friends who ride those things - we are extra careful when we are out on the road to make sure we pay attention at all times. Our son, David, was in a terrible accident when he got hit while riding. His back is in such bad shape that he is in constant pain and some days can't even walk. People seem to forget their brains when they get behind the wheel of a car.

  6. Amen sister, great post!! I've seen it a dozen or more times but it's so very true, bikers are often never seen til it's too late.

  7. amen..thanks for sharing the video! brother rides a Harley..and I have always told careful out there and if I ever see you in the 'hospital...!!!..too scary to even think about!..ride safely, my blogging buddy!