Monday, March 28, 2011


HUH ?? WTF ?? I know I’ve made some pretty serious wrong turns since I started this journey……but back in Arizona ?? Let me tell you about it……

The last days have been ‘challenging’ to say the least. It’s been cold, raining, windy and the road conditions in many places were so bad that I thought the whole RV was going to shake apart.


I left Riverside, CA and decided to head to Amboy, CA where there is the ‘infamous’ Roy’s Diner and Route 66.

The first thing I see was that four letter “S” word – that should have been my first clue to TURN AROUND !!


I went through this area (no idea now where it was) that had some serious wind power happening. There had to have been thousands of these:


It never ceases to amaze me that we can produce electrical energy from the wind and the sun. Why are we not doing more of it ??

I didn’t quite make it there that day because by the time I reached Twentynine Palms, CA I was ready to call it a day. I only had 50 miles left to go and really considered it but BOY am I glad I didn’t push forward. I had read on one of the RV websites that there was boondocking in Joshua Tree but clearly (as usual LOL) didn’t read it quite right. I see the turn off to Joshua Tree National Park and in I went. At the Visitors Centre they told me it was $10.00 to dry camp there and man oh man do I HATE paying for ‘dry camping’. But I was tired so paid it. Next thing you know I’m at the booth where you enter this Park and now they want another $15.00 to ‘enter’ the Park. So I paid $25.00 for one night of dry camping !! grrrrr

This place is beautiful no question about it and it is a Campers (as in TENTS) paradise as well as a hikers paradise. Big RV rigs are there but it sure is a tight squeeze as you basically just pull off the road…..which is VERY narrow to begin with. Here are some pics:


0607 0809

Wednesday, March 23rd

I left Joshua Tree National Park and proceeded the remaining 50 miles to Amboy, CA. It seemed like an endless drive and this was the first (and only) place to pull over for a rest. I’m thinking it was probably a gas station ‘back in the day’ but now it’s just a place to dump garbage and obviously for teenagers to hang out by the amount of broken beer bottles and firecrackers laying around.



You can see the length of desert I still had to drive before I (hopefully) came across civilization again….


I was beginning to wonder if in fact I was on the right road !! Finally I arrived at the ‘infamous’ Roy’s Diner and the even more ‘infamous’ ROUTE 66. I was thrilled !! Check out the price of gas !!



I quickly learned that the ‘Town’ of Amboy consisted of Roy’s Diner; a post office; an airport (now closed); a Motel (now closed) and three houses:


One of my Bucket List rides is to ride (part of) Route 66. The ‘plan’ was to find a place to stay for the night and get the bike out the next day. I went in to Roy’s Diner (not a soul there) and spoke with the guy behind the counter to ask if I could park in the lot for the night. He said ok or I could also park by the airport. “You saw the airport, right ?” he asked. “No”, I answered. Here is the ‘airport’:


I hung around there for about an hour I guess pondering what I was going to do. A few people in cars and a few bikers pulled in for a few minutes and then left. It was pretty isolated. I then drove up the road a mile where I had read about Amboy Crater and also read there was boondocking there. I sat in that parking lot for a little while and it was also pretty isolated. As much as I wanted to stay I knew I would not be comfortable. I got on the computer to decide if I would head West again where there was Barstow, CA that I knew had a Walmart, Flying J, Pilot etc. etc. Or head East to Needles, CA that I knew nothing about. Barstow it was.

I continue on Route 66 until I reached the I-40. Route 66 may be ‘historic’ but I can tell ya the State sure is not maintaining the road. The ‘pavement’ was worse than any gravel I’ve driven on.


I hung out at Flying J’s for two nights in rain, cold and wind constantly checking the weather in areas close to where I was and WEST. NO LUCK. During the day I pulled out of the Flying J’s parking lot and found this nice, quiet open gravel area to spend the day at.


Southern California has had nothing but rain for the past week or more and more rain in the foreseeable future. The only area that was sunny and WARM was back in Arizona and so as not to go back too too far South I was looking at Lake Havasu City (remember I wanted to go back there but changed my mind !! grrr).


This morning I woke up FREEZING and with a vengeance I said F*CK IT – I’M OUTTA HERE. I was on the road at the crack of dawn (9:15AM), got on the Highway and put the cruise control on SPEED (65mph where the speed limit is 75mpg……ya, I know I’m so reckless !! LOL) and headed BACK to Arizona.


I was told about a boondocking place just outside of Lake Havasu City but this time I e-mailed Glenn to get very specific directions. AND I actually found it. Thanks Glenn !!! So this is my little piece of heaven for the next few days. Exactly what I was looking for. Not a sound ! No 18 wheelie noise – no train noise - no Highway traffic noise – no barking dogs – NO INTERNET !!! Oh well, I can’t have it all I suppose.

0203 0405

When I opened the trailer I saw that the ratchets that I had secured the rear of the bike with had completely come out of the rings and the bike had shifted quite a bit. I told you that part on Route 66 I drove was VERY rough. I couldn’t get it out like that.


Thankfully there was someone close by that helped me lift it to the centre so all is well now. I have a reservation at an RV Park here that I’ll probably go to on Monday. If I could get Internet at this boondocking spot I wouldn’t move. AND I’m NOT leaving this area this time until I see for certain that the weather is warm.


  1. Welcome back to the land of the connected. Sorry your weather was so lousy in CA. Going to get hot here this week in AJ.

  2. Sandie, I missed cyber space ! Now I've got Blogs and e-mails to catch up on.

  3. Hi Denise - GO TO Lake Havasu City - you've been talking about it forever - just do it! Be carefull driving through Needles - heard there are always speed traps around there!