Monday, March 14, 2011


Prior to this RV adventure, I had never posted an online review before. But each time I would check out the next place to stay the first thing I found myself doing was looking at the online reviews. It started with RV Parks, then lead to different products I ‘needed’ (read: just wanted to have) at Camping World and other places.

First of all this has lead to an interesting observation regarding the Camping World online reviews. Awhile ago I posted reviews on the Arm Restler; the Smart Dryer; and the Add-A-Drawer. The Add-A-Drawer review was glowing because I have found it to be a fantastic product and this review was posted on their website immediately. The Smart Dryer review was realistic as I pointed out some of its pitfalls and the Arm Restler review was not good at all because I found this product to be quite useless. These two reviews have not been posted on their website ! So a word of caution to those of you who read the reviews on the Camping World website. It would appear that they only post the ‘good’ reviews ???

I also recently wrote a review regarding the bad service & work I received from East Valley RV and sent an e-mail to the Owner. I never received so much as the courtesy of a reply.

I’d like to encourage my fellow RV Bloggers to post a topic on your respective Blogs regarding writing reviews on the Products and Services they have purchased, including the various RV Parks they have stayed at. Let’s face it folks, the vast majority of us are ‘retired’ and on a ‘fixed income’. I certainly want the get the best value with the money I am spending and by writing these reviews we are helping our fellow RV’ers. And let’s not just write the ‘bad’ reviews as we also want to know about the great products you have purchased and places to stay you have experienced.


  1. We Agree

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. Hello freind,
    Always good to have another HD rider.

  3. I don't do near as good a job at posting reviews as I should but I do try. I can guarantee you we will not use East Valley RV for anything.

  4. Great advice, Roxanne! I try to do both. A great resource for bad service/products and people is Rip-off Report
    Rip-off Report also has a place to praise businesses, people, service and products. It's not as full of information.

    OK, now I better go write that review I've putting off of that totally awesome RV service I used in Vegas!

    Also, if you use the keywords thingy when you d write your post for the blog, it's more likely to bring it up in someone's google search.

    I'm not very good at doing that, either. Hey! If I preach it often enough, I might even do it myself!

    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. Hey Michael, Welcome aboard and hope your house sells fast !

    Sandie, All we can do is try eh.

    Cyn, Did I lose a comment from Rox ? Thanks for the link - I'll be checking it out.

  6. I use to give me some idea of what kind of service I might receive from RV Servicers.

    I recommend it.