Monday, March 28, 2011


Sunday, March 27th

Another glorious day here boondocking in Lake Havasu City.  I’d tell you what the temperature was but unfortunately I cannot because I have NO INTERNET !! grr I think it had to be in the 80’s though.

Finally got the bike out and went for a little run.  I think that was the first time since I left Bisbee and WOW did it ever feel good.  I went to the Windsor Beach State Park and had lunch.  What an awesome spot. Right on the water.  I forgot my camera !  Then took a little run to the ‘island’ and ran into Jeff who I met here at the BLM spot.  He’s boondocking there now and I’m thinking about moving there because I’ll likely have Internet there. If I don’t get Internet soon Sandie is going to send out the Police to find me !!  LOL

After we got, back Bennie and I took a little hike up on the rocks.  Well Bennie wimped out about 1/2 up and said “Forget it Mom, you’re NUTS to go any further.”  And with that he turned around and headed back down.  Smart boy I raised !!

A short little ways up there were these two seats (obviously taken out of a van or something) that someone had dragged up there. Pretty cool idea I thought but I wouldn’t DARE sit on them !!


Someone trying to protect the wildlife growth……or save someone from serious injury.  It’s the latter in my opinion because those things are SHARP.


Check out my rig from this height.  Awesome spot I have !


Bennie is shouting to me “Mom, Come back down !  Can you even see me  ??”


“Tsk, She never listens to me.  She’s gone even higher”


Later The Chinook came ‘home’ and we sat outside chatting until well after dark.

Yup, All in all a good day.


  1. I'm with Bennie. Down the hill I go. How long in Lake Havasu? And where to after that? Any idea?

    And if the police or rangers come knocking you will know who sent them.

  2. I know what a bummer it can be without Internet service. Funny, I have read all of Glen's blog. I hope you guys had a wonderful visit. I think I'm suffering from desert-envy!

  3. I am so thrilled that you and Glenn and Emily and Bennie got to hang out together!

  4. Sandie, Now that I have INTERNET again I see the temps here are going to be WAY too hot for me. So laundry tomorrow and then likely on the road on Wednesday - destination undetermined yet but it will be North a bit.

    Micheal, Ya, It was awful ! It is my evenings entertainment afterall.

    Kimmer, And this could be YOU - I keep telling you to forget all that 'academia' bullshit and git on the road !!

  5. Sass, how about Flagstaff? It's high enough up in the mountains that the temperature is temperate, if not downright chilly.

  6. It must be so cool to meet someone you've 'met' through your blogs etc. When we went to Lake Havasu City we rented a boat for an afternoon and cruised up and down the Colorado River - it was a great day! Drive safe!