Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went to bed early last night (10:30PM) however despite how tired I was I could not get to sleep.  THREE 18 wheelies had pulled up right next to me and had their engines running for hours.  Which leads me to ask because I’ve been wondering about this ever since I got on the road…..Why do truckers leave their engines running when they are sleeping ??

Anyway,  It was very loud.  I remembered that I had ear plugs.  Now don’t ask me why I would have ear plugs because I honestly do not remember !!  But I do know they were a fairly recent purchase….as in sometime within the last year.  I should ask my Mother because she remembers everything !!  So I’m laying in bed wondering where the ear plugs could possibly be ??  I narrowed down the possible places, got up, and found them.  They did not completely drown out the noise but obviously did the trick because next thing I know it’s sometime in the middle of the night and I wake up to go to the bathroom.  Realizing I had the ear plugs in and still could hear ‘noise’ I wondered if they really were doing any good.  I took them out……OUCH !  Holy Macaroni what a racket from those trucks.  YES, The ear plugs were helping indeed.

Here was my ‘view’ last night:



I got on the road this morning – destination = Yuma.  Notice how the gas prices are steadily increasing the farther West I drive:


Bennie doesn’t often want to be in my lap while driving.  He much prefers his own Co-Pilot’s seat and more often than not he actually prefers the floor in front of his Co-Pilot’s seat.  But for some reason today he wanted to be on my lap, not for long though:


I got to Yuma and pulled into Wally’s at a leisurely 2:30PM and proceeded to have some lunch and a wee siesta.  Figured I’d just stay there for the night as it was a 24 hour Walmart and there were no signs saying NO PARKING.  I was a bit torn though because I knew I was a mere miles from where I boondocked with Jim and Sandie in January and remembered those amazing sunsets.  I considered going there.  Later I went in the store to get some supplies and chatted with the guy at the front. Turns out there is NO OVERNIGHT PARKING as per a City rule again.  Thankfully it was still early so back on the I-8 I get.

Tonight I’m back to where it all started.  Technically it all started November 3, 2010 when I pulled out of my Mother’s driveway but for some reason it feels like this is where it all started for me ??  It is the spot where my Header pic was taken.  It is the spot where I met Jim & Sandie “in person”. It’s still not the ultimate quiet that I’m looking and longing for as this boondocking place is quite close to the Interstate, however it’s a HUGE improvement over last night.

Still not sure exactly where I’m heading other than West and then North.  I have to be back in Canada by the first week in May meaning I have to travel 1,545 miles/2,486kms in just over six weeks.

BTW, It’s 10:30PM and the current temperature is 73F or 77F with the humidex…..that’s 23C – 25C for my Northern friends.  The inside of the rig is showing 83F/28C and I’m a victim here with the heat.  I’m definitely going to have to turn on the A/C for a few minutes before I go to bed tonight !!

And this is my view tonight:

06 G’Night Folks


  1. You sure have a lot of miles to cover before May. Truckers leave the engines running at night so they can run the A/C and TV and all that other good stuff.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. We avoid truck stops - in fact I think we've only stayed at one maybe a couple of times - because of the noise. Wish we were parked out there with you.

  3. Those selfish truckers !! Don't they know that Bennie needs his beauty sleep ! Me Nerves !

    Kinda strange being here without you guys Sandie. Not as many here as was in January. I figure mayble about a dozen or so rigs. Anyway, I'll be pulling out of here today.

  4. Some of the truck drivers get so used to hearing the truck engine noise that sometimes they leave it running just for the noise so they can sleep. Like a person that gets used to a fan at night, I used to drive over the road and got so I couldnt sleep at home with out some kinda noise so I got a fan. Now I am training myself to sleep without the fan noise but what is naturally around me. :O) its getting better..

  5. I've often wondered how well one would sleep wedged between semis all night. Now I know. Loving your posts, Sassy. Cheering you on West, Kim

  6. I sleep very well in truck stops; even when wedged between two of them running their engines. But that is just me, I sleep well almost anywhere.