Friday, March 18, 2011


I’m settled in for the night (boondocking) at Ocotillo Wells Recreation Area (free). This place is ATV, Dune Buggy, Dirt Bike HEAVEN for those that are into that sort of thing. Alas, My Harley would not fair well here.

Drove from my boondocking spot in Winterhaven, CA which is just outside of Yuma, AZ. I didn’t get on the road until early this afternoon as I was in no rush and knew my destination distance was just over 100 miles. PLUS, The Ben Man needed to be bathed ! Yes, I know – he was just groomed but he was outside this morning and seems to like getting under the rig. This is how he came in:


Gas prices are definitely on the rise. In the last three days I’ve put $260.00 in the tank at $3.46/gal; $3.64/gal; and today at $3.99/gal. I saw places where it was $4.20/gal. Gonna be an expensive trip back to Canada which I will offset by boondocking as much as possible.

Where I am tonight has NO INTERNET ! PEOPLE, Take away my first born – but don’t take away my Internet !! This is the first time since leaving Eastern Canada that I have not been able to get an Internet connection so I really shouldn’t complain – but I AM complaining !! Thank goodness I know about this Live Writer so that I can at least prepare my Blog entry and all I will have to do tomorrow is publish it.

Another downfall to not having Internet is that I can’t google to see where I might end up tomorrow night. Oh well, I guess I’ll drive and figure it out along the way.

It’s a very warm night again – but I can’t tell you the temperature as I have NO INTERNET !! grrr Back to my jigsaw puzzles……the third one for tonight.

A few pics of ‘home’ last night:





  1. So is this place in CA? Hopefully, when you get out of CA gas prices will go down a little for you. Hope you had a good drive today.