Saturday, March 12, 2011


This staying put time has been good for me in some ways – albeit not by choice.  I now for sure know that I want to do more boondocking.  And no, not because I overspent buying CHROME !  LOL

I’m reading this fabulous Blog TO SIMPLIFY , thanks to Kimbo see here , mentioning it on another Blog.  Now I’m addicted to it.  This guy has it nailed as far as I’m concerned. What a great Blog it is because his writing style is simple, to the point and his posts are short while packing in a lot of great stuff.

The places he has discovered are awesome although many of which I would not be able to get to as his rig is much smaller than mine. Plus as a solo male RV’er certainly he boondocks in places I would be far too afraid to go by myself.  Still the idea is there.

After spending so much time here at Queen Mine RV Park listening to the SEVEN dogs bark day and night and the Owner just screaming at them all day I know this is NOT the RV lifestyle I want.  New follower Mike said yesterday in a comment that “the peacefulness is one of the things I treasure about this lifestyle” and I couldn’t agree more.

And as if things were not bad enough, a group of three couples pulled in yesterday.  Really GREAT folks and we got chatting immediately once they saw the little pup with the Harley stickers on it.  They are all Harley riders although they did not bring their bikes on this trip.  The couple that parked right next to me has a gorgeous small dog and believe it or not, his name is also Bennie !!

However, sadly, when they went out for the afternoon their little Bennie did not stop barking the whole time.  The Owner came home for a few minutes to let him out and then went again for the evening and once again their Bennie continued to bark continuously.  To the point that I wondered how a dog could bark for so long and not get tired !!  I actually had to go inside much earlier than I wanted and close the door as I was literally getting a headache.  Sometime (within the last years) I have become very noise sensitive.

Boondocking has me challenged for two reasons.  As a solo female RV’er I am certainly very cautious where I plan to stay.  And that eliminates a lot of great places.  Secondly,  I still can’t get my head around alternate ‘electrical’ means.  I know there’s this whole solar thing I can get in to, however, I do not want to spend that kind of money just yet.  If it’s in the cards that I will be able to live this kind of lifestyle for awhile to come, then yes, for sure, I would get some type of small solar set-up.  I HATE using the generator because of the noise factor and my computer only lasts less than 2 hours on battery power – and that’s even with it on the ‘power saver’ option.

When I read about volts and amps and watts and inverters and converters it’s like reading another language to me.  I simply cannot grasp it.  Thanks to Bob and Lawrence I purchased a very small DC adaptor thingie that I have hooked into one of my coach batteries.




With this I (apparently) can plug my small 200W inverter into and then plug my computer into the inverter without having to turn on the generator or killing my coach batteries.  My computer is really the only thing I need ‘electricity’ for.  I don’t watch TV as I do everything via my computer.  Read the news, follow Blogs, play games etc. etc. I haven’t tried it yet though.

There comes a time when my sanity is worth more than money.  When I arrived here I was only going to stay a week.  But, as you know, the night I pulled in here I got very sick.  And knowing how my body reacts to being that sick, I knew it would take me at least a week to get back on my feet.  So I paid for a month.  And until the Condo is re-rented it is essential that I watch my spending.  Because of that I’m trying to hold out here for at least another week.

OK so now that I’ve got that rant over and done with, the fact is that I’ve been very lucky with the places I’ve stayed.  All have been peaceful and quiet up until this place and I am looking forward to getting back on the road.  This time though I’m going to try and find routes that go through all the amazing small towns throughout Arizona and then on the California.

Think I’ll take another scoot into Tombstone today and walk around some more.


  1. I would go nuts with the barking dogs. I know mine bark sometime but it's not constantly. I just don't understand people who don't do something to stop the noise. And I certainly don't understand RV Park owners who don't do something about it.
    So happy that you're feeling better and are able to enjoy that area down there. Wilcox is another great little town to visit.

  2. Sucks about the dogs. I, too, have become noise sensitive.

    When we were at Quartzsite for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous several people installed solar for under $375. The panels were flexible and could rolled up to be stored when not in use. Also, could be positioned in the sun if you were parked in shade. The panels were made by unisolar and sells them. I think they got a Quartzsite deal, though. Like you they only wanted power for charging laptops and phones. that's the route I will go, to start.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Im sorry... I only started following today, but what is the story with the Heritage picture at the bottom? I also have a Heritage. Do you have your bike with you?
    As for the barking dogs... I have always said "what is worse than barking dogs?... barking dogs with screaming owners!"

  4. Sandie, I AM going NUTS ! I decided yesterday I'm outta here but then (thankfully) remembered I have some important mail being sent here. So once I get that then I'm gone.

    Giant, I'll likely wait for Q next year before doing anything about solar.

    Bright's, Welcome Aboard ! Yes, I have a 2006 SMOKIN' Heritage Softail Classic and yes, I have it with me.

  5. Denise, check out this blog:

  6. Donna, THANKS for that link. RV Power For Dummies is exactly what I need to read.

  7. Sassy

    If you want, email me privately and we can talk about battery monitors and wet vs dry batteries. Was the RV Power for Dummies helpful or was it too technical? I tried to keep it simple.