Thursday, March 31, 2011


I left Lake Havasu City yesterday with much regret. I really liked it there, especially that first boondocking spot just North of Town. But clearly I left right in the nick of time. I'm sitting in the Walmart parking lot in Bakersfield, CA right now and MELTING with the heat. It's 5:20PM and it is 27C/81F. Me Nerves !! BUT in LHC it is 34C/93F. I just checked the thermostat inside the rig and it is showing 33C/91F.

I traipsed across I-40 for the THIRD time. Didn't like it the first time, liked is less the second time so you can imagine how much I disliked it this time !! That part of the Highway is not fit to drive on. The pavement is in awful condition and I thought for sure the rig was going to shake apart. And if that wasn't bad enough it was very windy. 40mph cross winds that ripped the steering wheel outta my hands several times. 50mph was the maximum that was safe to go. When I pulled into Needles to have a wee rest I felt like someone had beaten me up. Arms, neck, everything sore.

I stayed at Flying J's in Barstow last night. Definitely the nicest Flying J I've been at so far. The main thing is that they have parking for the 18 wheelies on one side of the building and on the opposite side was amble parking for us RV'ers.

This morning I topped off my gas tank and my fresh water tank…..fresh (drinking) water FREE (yes Glenn you read it right !!) LOL I headed for Bakersfield where I am enjoying a gorgeous WARM evening at Wally's RV Park. There's got to be at least a dozen rigs here tonight. I took Highway 58 to get here and it really was a pleasant drive.

Tomorrow ?? Not sure yet. I'm looking for a reasonably inexpensive RV Park to hang my hat at for a week so that I can get some riding in. But it appears that 'reasonably inexpensive' and 'California' do not mix !!

It's now 9:00PM and a very delicious 21C/71F


  1. hmmm... I just read someones blog and they mentioned a fairly cheap place in Cali... I can;t think of whose, but if I do I;ll get back to you! When I drove back from Quartzsite in Feb. my body ached for two days from fighting that wind. I sympathize!

  2. You need to get out of CA. It is just too expensive there.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  3. CA is going to be expensive no matter where you go. And whatever you do, do not break a speed limit. They will nail you with the fine. It is definitely not an RV friendly state.