Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Spent the last two days not doing much of anything other than laundry today.  YES, Despite all this fantastic weather and breath taking scenery CHORES still have to get done.  I think someone should invent 'disposable clothing'.  Wear it and then throw it out !!  Also still trying to catch up on my Internet stuff and googling until my eyes are falling out of my face trying to figure out where I'm going next.  I know I'll be heading North and probably West…ish, but what route to take ??  Still don't know.

I've been hanging out by the Lake during the day. Man oh Man is it ever gorgeous there !  Here are some pics taken yesterday and today:



And to think there are people in other parts of the Country SHOVELLING SNOW !!  UGH !! Surprised smile Open-mouthed smile

Oh, yesterday while I was putting my laundry in the trailer I noticed one of the ratchet straps was loose ??  I tightened it but (thankfully) investigated it a little further.  The ratchet on the left side had come away completely from it's ring.  I have been going over some pretty bumpy roads and the trailer has been put on quite a slant on some of these roads but still ??  I shuttered to think about the consequences had I not noticed this.  Oh my poor Harley !


I'm starting to get the hang of this boondocking stuff and sure enjoy what it's NOT doing to my pocket book.  I have now been without hook-ups for 8 consecutive days.  I think that's a record for me.  I stopped in at Lowe's Garden Centre today and filled my fresh water tank.  The other tanks are still fine.

Later in the afternoon I've moved to another Boondocking spot just South of the City.  It's not as quiet here as the other one I was at as it's close to Highway 95 but I can get Internet here.  Here's a few sunset pics:




Tomorrow it is going to be a High of 86F; Thursday a High of 92F and Friday a High of 95F.  I certainly won't be able to function at all in that kind of heat so I 'specks I'll be hitting the road tomorrow.  I really hate to leave this place, I love it here.

G'Night Folks.


  1. great shots of your boondocking spot!!.eight days is pretty darn good!

  2. When it gets in the 90's is when I am really glad we have hookups so we can run the air. 8 days! Way to go girl. As long as the weather cooperates, I could boondock a long time. But it would have to be by water so Jim can fish.

  3. What's this about filling your water tank up at Lowe's? Is that a free service they all offer?

  4. D....Check out the Blog...RV Life On Wheels....John and Judy are friends of mine from Gravenhurst...they recently left Lake Havasu and are at Death Valley....may help you to plan your next adventure.THey are full timing...sold all the material things except the motorcycles and hit the road.


  5. 8 days. That's great. You have really done well.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  6. I can't wait to ponder where I will go next! You;ll be looking at temps in the 90's by the end of the week, heading north (but not too far north) is a good plan! Have you checked HiTek Homeless' website for possibilities?

  7. LOL - Glenn, Thought that might catch your attention and I meant to mention that to you but forgot (old age !!!) I've done it before at the Walmart Garden Centres. It's not 'drinking' water but that's fine as I only drink bottled water. So it's great for what I use it for - showers; washing dishes; flushing toilet etc.

    Bob, Thanks for that info. Will definitely check it out.

    D&D, Can't wait until you guys get on the road !!

    Cyn, Had not heard of this website. Will check it out for sure.

  8. Hi!

    I found your blog on someone else's (Glenn's????). I have Lupus too (and Fibro, CFS, and liver malfunction from medication :-(. During a "down day" last week, I read your blog from the beginning - very interesting! I am a "Gonnabee", and knowing there's another single lady with similar health issues already living this life is very encouraging!

    Question about taking on water at the "big box" stores. Did you ask for permission or do it "on the sly"? ;-)

    Looking forward to more adventures. I don't post much about my boring life :-) right now, but I'd be honored if you checked out my blog, HomeschoolingSolo@blogspot.com.

    Stay safe...

    Kerri in AL :-)

  9. Welcome Aboard Kerri ! Read from the beginning huh. Wow that's impressive as it is a lot of reading.

    Yes, I was diagnosed with Lupus in my late twenties/early thirties and then many years later with Fibro. Plus several other 'medical' conditions. I have many 'down' days and I've learned not to fight it. I just need to rest.

    When I get water any place I always ask first. If they hesitate, well then I just put on my pitiful face. LOL