Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday, March 26TH

Still boondocking (with NO INTERNET !!) just outside of Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Thank gawd for Windows Live Writer so that I can keep up to date with all the goings on.  LOL
You know it’s not even safe to walk through the parking lot of Walmart these days.  Here I was, minding my own business, on my way into Walmart when this small RV pulls up next to me and a guy asks “Are you Denise ?”  A little startled I answered very tentatively “Yes”.  It was none other than Glenn from To Simplify .  Anyone who makes the front page of the L.A. Times is a celebrity in my books.

I have been following Glenn’s Blog for a few months now and because it interested me I started from the first day he started to Blog and took awhile to get current.  So I feel like I already know this young man.  When I ‘get into’ a Blog it’s like reading a book or watching a movie.  I can visualize everything that is being written or said yet somehow it’s not ‘real’.  So to actually met someone in person was very exciting and very strange at the same time.

I had been corresponding with Glenn via his Blog and e-mail so I knew he was here and he knew I was going to be here.  Yet I really didn’t actually think that we would get to meet as he had planned to be leaving here about the same time I was arriving. 

Well we chatted in the Walmart parking lot for about an hour – showing off our respective rigs etc.  That Chinook is one awesome rig !!  And Emily is every more adorable in ‘person’.  Glenn said he would come by ‘my place’ later and sure enough a few hours later “THE CHINOOK” pulled into where I was.  Still felt odd as I had see pics of his rig so many times on his Blog.  We chatted and chatted and chatted, went for a walk etc.

Glenn, if you are reading this, it was my pleasure to be in your company and you are just ‘da DOLL !!  LOL  Now all we gotta do is fatten his young man up !!  He has lost a lot of weight due to his recent illness.  Here are some pics I took.  Bennie is meeting Emily.
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  1. D...nice pics and looks like I should have been more adventurous and boondocked...after all my unit is fully outfitted to do so.....great meeting people you follow on line....continue enjoying this adventure..


  2. You both look great. I can't see that either of you need "fattened". I have read Glenn's blog, and like you, I feel like I know him. Heck, I even started eating grass fed beef. Wish I was already there with you guys. Soon.....

  3. Bob, I'm just getting the hang of boondocking and I love it. The peace & quiet is awesome and you are not looking into the window of your neighbours coach.

    Michael, Glenn needs to be fattened up a bit. Not me !!

  4. Yay - guess I should have kept reading - glad to see you're heading to Lake Havasu City. You look good! Notice the hair is getting a little longer! Too bad your friend couldn't have a feed of chips, dressing and gravy - that would help fatten him up a little!

  5. Marilyn, I am SO overdue for a hair cut !! And mentioning that feed of chips, dressing and gravy just made me droooool !! LOL