Saturday, March 5, 2011


It’s been quite the week.  Arrived in Bisbee last Sunday (February 27th) and didn’t get ‘outside the door’ until yesterday for the first time.  And I haven’t even been feeling like blogging.  Funny thing about this blogging stuff – I have to be ‘in the mood’ to do it.  haha

So let’s see – where did I leave off in terms of my ‘travels’ ?  I spent a week at Silver Spur Ranch in Mesa (it’s located closer to Apache Junction).  An ‘adequate’ place to stay I suppose but not ‘my’ kinda place.  It’s a large Park with well over 200 sites but the majority are park models and many not taken care of very well.  On the other hand, the people were fantastic and very friendly and the location was very convenient to everything you might want.

I had decided I was going to visit the Tombstone and Bisbee area but was keeping a close eye on the weather. Sunday was supposed to be very cold (and it was !!) so I figured that would be a good travel day. I had two more Tonto National Forest passes left so I went back to my boondocking spot for 2 nights.  It was very busy there this time with lots of RV’s parked in the parking lot.

During that time Bob and Lawrence were going to Cave Creek for lunch and graciously invited me to tag along.  Thanks Guys !!

I secure things in the little pup well but it does get a LOT of BOUNCE back there and I always cautiously open the ramp door.  This is what I found this time:


I had put a piece of plywood on the wall with hooks to hang my jackets.  Well that had come apart from the wall narrowly missing the bike !!!

I also have cupboards attached to the walls to store various bike related things.  Now I KNOW better !  The drawers come out while driving so you see I have bungee cords to keep the drawers closed while in motion.  I obviously forgot to place the bungee cords over the drawers this time ! grrr  But again, thankfully, they did not touch the bike.


Cave Creek is definitely a place I’d like to go back to.  It wasn’t a great day weather-wise so we just had lunch and off we went.  I didn’t even take any pics other that the ‘Men’s’ bathroom door where we had lunch.


We had a gorgeous, leisurely ride back, stopping in Fountain Hills on the way.


Sunday I got on the road to Bisbee.  Leaving the Apache Junction area I saw SNOW on the mountain tops.  During the drive I went through the four seasons.  One minute it was bright and sunny, the next minute is was dark and poured rain and there was even a time when I was driving while it was lightly snowing !!  It felt like when I first started out last November.  Getting closer to Tombstone/Bisbee there was SNOW on the ground.  UGH !!!


But what I love about Arizona is that this kinda thing is rare and doesn’t last.  It was in the low 70’s the following day.  Someone should tell the Town of Bisbee that Christmas is over don’t ya think !!



  1. So glad you are feeling better finally. Now maybe you can get out there and explore that area. So much to see there. We've been sort of exploring Las Vegas. Headed for the Strip tonight.

  2. Get some of the child-proof drawer locks to help keep the cabinet drawers shut. Means you have to insert a finger to unlock/open them but worth the effort. You can find them at Wal-mart, I believe.

  3. Denise....good to hear you are feeling better...
    this week with the warmer weather you and Bennie can get out and enjoy the area on your bike.

  4. Now that they have had snow, maybe now they'll take Santa down!!


  5. I wonder who makes those bungee cords. I should buy some shares - your business alone should make it go up!

    Whatever you do Denise - don't head NORTH! The forecast is grim. Surprisingly though - NL and NS are supposed to have a nice spring and summer, the rest of the country - NOT!

  6. Marilyn, Your comments crack me up !! LMAO