Sunday, March 13, 2011


My neighbours were heading out again today for the full day, leaving their Bennie inside their rig.  And he was already letting everyone know in no uncertain terms that he was NOT happy being left behind.  The Owner was outside waiting for his friends and had my Bennie in his arms.  He casually mentioned that he hoped his Bennie didn’t bother me while they were gone as he figured he settled down.

Well being the totally honest person that I am and feeling this was an opportunity to perhaps get some peace today I did tell him (very kindly) that his Bennie did bark constantly the entire time they were away.  He felt terrible but really what was he going to do ?  Cancel his golf game ?  Even “I” wouldn’t expect that.  I suggested to him, if he was comfortable with this, to leave his Bennie outside by my rig as I was hoping to just hang around the site for the day.  I assured him if it didn’t work I would simply put Bennie (his) back in their rig.  He was very receptive to that.

There hasn’t been a peep out of his sweet little dog since the Owner left (about 2 hours now).  Everybody (especially me !!) is very content.




  1. Aww. A play date! What did your (the REAL) Bennie think of that?

    P.S. I hate word verification. Take that!

  2. I can hear your sigh of relief, from here. Ahhhhh! The joy of the sound of silence! I hope the Bennies had some fun!

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. What a great compromiser you are. And to be able to enjoy peace and quiet for a day. Heaven. The poor thing is so lonely. Maybe you could suggest they get another dog or cat to keep him company.

  4. Drives me nuts when my own dogs bark more than a couple of times in a row - never mind someone else's dog.

    Glad you were able to come up with a workable alternative (and obviously the dog is too!)

  5. Can not blame the poor dog.....with this temp being left in that trailer is like being left in a are a good person travels....I am on my way tomorrow to Terell Texas...Blue Bonnett Rv Park where I will meet up with Don & Heather...Don and I did the motorcycle journey of 9000 k through the Gaspie, Maritimes,Maine,New Hamp, Vermont and New York last June and July


  6. Turned out to be a gloriously peaceful day !

    Ducks, The REAL Bennie wanted to play but the OTHER Bennie wanted no part of that so I kept them apart to keep peace in the house.

    Cyn, YES a very loud sigh of relief.

    Bogie, I'm the same way. My Bennie rarely barks but when he does I'm right on top of it.

    Yes, All dogs and humans were indeed happy.

    When the Owners came home they were very grateful and very pleased to see their Bennie laying around and clearly quite content. He definitely was lonely. These people are really nice folks and felt horrible that I had been disturbed. Later they (and several others from their group) invited me to their BBQ - which I gracefully declined seeing as that I'm not really a 'people' person.

    Bob, Nice to hear from you. Drive safe.

    Good day all around.

  7. How nice of you! You are a good neighbor, Sassy!

  8. I try Kimbo, I try. Even when you are a full-time RV'er it still is all about RESPECT.