Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The other day I mentioned I was going to take another scoot to Tombstone see here and I did.  This time Bennie and I just walked through the streets watching all the goings on.  This place is very touristy no doubt but I loved it !  Love the horses and the whole cowboy atmosphere.  And they are very dog friendly.  Any of the stores you might want to pop in to Bennie was more than welcome to come along.  Plus there were tons of water bowls on the sidewalks for the dogs to get a drink.


I took a few more short videos to show you the ‘action’ in the streets and the horses for my horse lovin’ friend Linda.  Linda,  You’d love it there.  You and your niece would have a great time !


  1. Love your picture at the top of the blog. You need to put Cody, WY on your list of cowboy places to visit. A little different from Tombstone but a fun place to visit. So did you and Bennie ride any of the horses?

  2. Sandie, Your friend Paul took that pic while we were boondocking outside of Yuma. Didn't even know it took it until he e-mailed it to me. I LOVE that pic.
    NO riding horses for me !! Kinda like that roller coaster thing. My friend Peter has two horses and when I would go to his place 'out around 'da bay' he would want me to get on one of the horses - NOT !