Saturday, February 12, 2011


Several people had mentioned to me that a “must” while in this area is a ride to Tortilla Flat. Well they were sure right !!

Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle it is a MUST as the ride there is stunningly beautiful in its scenery. And it sure doesn’t disappoint when you arrive there.

Going there by motorcycle was awesome in that the roads had fabulous curves – well some complete 90 degree blind curves that sure kept my senses on high alert. You don’t get to see much of the scenery (well I didn’t anyways) riding there because you really have to be focused on the road.

Bob (my Tour Guide), Lawrence (friend of Bob’s) and I went on the ride. BTW PAUL – you’ve been replaced as my Tour Guide – well until we meet up again. PFFFT – Heading to Florida when it’s so gorgeous here !! LOL

Now neither Bob nor Lawrence ride Harleys but I tried not to hold that against them……


I now have the pics on Picasa so follow this link to see all of them. Viewing them in SLIDESHOW is the best. You’ll see that on the left side of the screen just above the pictures.

Here’s a few to wet yer whistle:

We stopped at Canyon Lake on the way. What a view !! Here’s Bob taking care of Bennie while I took some pics:


The Bar where we had lunch (THANKS again Bob !) had every inch of the walls and ceilings covered in MONEY !! All American $1.00 bills but I even saw one Canadian $5.00 bill. Apparently there is an estimate of $100,000 on the walls and ceilings !!


On the way back we stopped at Goldfield Ghost Town. Another very unique experience. I could have spent hours there.

And I met me a real live COWBOY ! Oh, me Mudder would be so proud ! LOL


Another great day in Retirement Land. Don’t forget, if you want to see the rest of the pics, follow the Picasa link above – that’s if I did it right ??


  1. We love this part of the drive. It's the road past Tortilla Flats that you don't want to attempt especially on a motorcycle. We didn't stop at Goldfield last week and I want to go back again.

  2. Sandie, Let me know if/when you guys are going back to Goldfield. I'd love to go back there.

    Glad the Picasa link works - I amaze myself when I do something and it actually works - but I won't tell you how long it took me to figure it all out !! LOL

  3. Don't know where my earlier comment went. It went something like this: the photos look great and the cowboy looks nice too! Kim

  4. After reading the JAIL RULES - I was a little surprised to see you on this side of the bars! LOL

  5. Marilyn, You crack me up !!! ROTFLMAO