Saturday, February 5, 2011


I think I met my first RV’er a**hole.  Last night at 11:00PM there was a very loud knock on my door.  Frightened ‘da be jezus outta me !!  And I don’t mean a light tap.

I opened the kitchen window to see who it was….I certainly wasn’t about to open the door !!  It was the guy who was  parked next to me and he ‘told’ me to turn my generator off as the fumes were coming into their bedroom; they were getting headaches; stuffed up noses blah blah blah

I told him my generator exhaust was on the OTHER side of my rig !!  hmmmm  He continued to inform me that ‘generator hours’ are from 6:00AM to 10:00PM blah blah blah and on and on and on

I apologized profusely and immediately turned off the generator telling him I wasn’t aware of the time nor the ‘rules’.

This morning all the people who were in the overflow were around the Office to see if they were going to get a spot today.  “HE” was there and just glared at me and I just ignored him.  Everybody else was chatting and laughing and of course loving Bennie.

I was hoping he wouldn’t get a spot today…..ya, ya, ya, ME BAD !!

evil grin-02

This afternoon Donna & Joe (ya they tracked me down again!) came by with a few other riders from the HD Forums.  I hear a rig start up and it was “HIM” and I told the crowd what happened last night.  As he drove by he smiled and waved !!

ROTFLMAO – I think he saw a bunch of real bad ass BIKERS (yup, TNTRIKER is really scary LOL) and figured he’d better play nice.

OK, So that’s my venting done and over with.


  1. There's always one like that around. But the rest of us are so wonderful we make up for him. Right?

  2. sorry to hear about your 'bad neighbour' matter where you 'live'..they are out there!!

  3. Bob, Yes, Got a FABULOUS site ! See next post.

    Sandie, ABSOLUTELY ! Just meeting you and Jim more than makes up for it.

    Sue, The beauty of it is that you just 'move'. LOL

  4. I hate generators!!! I'll side with the neighbour...hate the smell of gas also...

    Smiling and waving :-) RQ

  5. Hey Sassy, this RQ friend of yours is NOT TOO NICE to side with dem nasty people that don't like fumes!! LOL! Hi Paula!!
    The place looks real nice and glad yer hookin up with some good people!! Ride safe......BTW, I think she's jealous she's in the Nl. cold! LOL!