Friday, February 18, 2011


This is the most undecided I’ve been since I started my travelling. One minute I decide I’m going to head to Tombstone, Arizona to check that out. Another time I decide to go to Lake Havasu City. Paul and I rode there and it’s beautiful so could definitely hang around there for a week.

Then another time I think I should book a spot and settle in here for another few weeks. I really like the Mesa/Apache Junction area and there’s tons more to see PLUS tons more riding areas to explore. And the weather has been fantastic. Mid to high 70’s every day. Can’t ask for better.

Since leaving Usery Mountain Park, I spent two nights dry camping at a Regional Recreation place at $6.00 a night. There are quite a few of these kinds of place around here. Basically it’s just a parking lot; no hookups; might have some picnic tables etc. But it really is quite nice at these places because there is a Camp Host (or two) on site all the time plus other RV’ers so I certainly felt very safe. And it’s very quiet as they are not close to any major highways.

Then I spent a night in the parking lot of where I brought my RV in for some servicing. Won’t talk about that because I was not happy with their service and the cost for the little they did. Plus I was there the entire day !!

Last night I was a Guest of Wally’s, where I am right now. I still have two nights passes for any of the dry camping places within the Tonto National Forest so I’ll definitely go back there today.

It’s a strange feeling. I have a ‘pull’ to get back on the road and yet at the same time I have a ‘pull’ to settle in somewhere for a few weeks. What to do ? What to do ?


  1. Where ever you decide, head for high ground. the weather fools say there is some heavy rain headed for AZ.

    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Decisions, decisions. What does Bennie say?

  3. We're going to get rain this week-end so you want to stay put until at least Monday. And remember - there is always next year to see those places that you missed this year. It took me a long time to figure that one out. I wanted to see everything right now. But I've learned to relax and just say next time.

    Sorry you had lousy service. I was hoping you would have good news about that place in case we needed to have something done.

  4. Denise....Tombstone could be a disapointment at least it was for me....if you like is ok
    but to me it is a dieing if you want to see an interesting place...I recommend the Town of Bisbee....south of Tombstone....Just my opinion......

  5. Cyn, Yes, Definitely rain in the forecast - but worse than that, the temperatures are going to drop !! Sunday's forecast is for a HIGH of only 54F/12C. Brrrrr I'll have to pull out my WINTER coat again !!

    Kimbo, Yes, I did ask Bennie. But you know what he's like. All he said was "Mommy, As long as I'm with you I don't care where we go."

    Sandie, Wait until you see my next post !! I'm drafting it now.

    Bob, My 'bar' days are over. Gawd only knows I hit enough of them in my 'youth' !! LOL Will see what google says about Bisbee - thanks for the tip.

  6. Oh Sandie, I'm just up 'da road from you guys now.

  7. Follow your gut Sassy....and you know why Tombstone is nagging at ya....its a place ya gotta say you've been to! its the cowboy coming thru the biker know where my vote takes ya...

  8. Sassy, you will like Tombstone it is a really neat part of the past American "cowboy" history and if you search it on google, it will be more interesting. Bisbee is just south of Tombstone, so you have two birds with one stone. Another plus is Twiggy lives in between Tombstone and Bisbee, so you will get to meet her and she can give you some advice on where you can stay. It is really pretty down there, some good riding, plus you have a Queen to help you with info you might need. Ron and I wanted to go back, but the weather coaxed Ron to try to get back home early. When you are finished with that area, you can go back to AJ. If there is anyway possible for you get someone to ride with you up Hwy 60 to Show Low, it is worth taking a day to ride it. I must say it is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. It is like driving down into the bowls of the Grand Canyon and then back to the top. I cannot describe it, it is so incredible. Jake would be a perfect person to escort you, but he has probably already gone back to the "Old Country". Donna would know and she would also know how to get in touch with him. if he is still on vacation. If you go, please get me some pics. I messed my camera up and my videos didn't record. It will probably be cool up there, really high elevation. Drop Dead gorgeous, breath taking! Annette