Saturday, February 12, 2011


Holy smokarooze - I haven’t blogged for almost a week !  Received several e-mails today from friend’s who are worried.  Can’t be having that !

First Things First – Good Morning Mr. Sun---


Really haven’t been up to much this past week.  Just relaxing (or trying to) and puttering around and getting a few short errand type runs in.

Spending a lot of time on the computer as my hard drive space is maxing out with all the pics and videos.  Slip slidin’ into the 21st Century with trying to figure out other ways to store pictures.  More learning !!  My poor old head !

So I bought a 16GB thingie to put my pics on PLUS uploading them to Picasa.  I’ve only done up to 1976 (yes, you read it right LOL) so I have a ways to go.  But I think I have it all figured out now so the rest should go faster.  Once I’m SURE they are safe on the 16GB thingie and Picasa then I delete them from my hard drive.

One of my ‘errand runs’ this week was to get a small cooler bag for my lunch. One small enough to fit in my saddle bags. Mission accomplished !  When I know Bennie and I are gone for the day I’d much rather bring my lunch and have it (with Bennie with me) at some Park or nice scenic place – rather than eating at McDonalds or inside whereby I have to leave Bennie outside alone.


Another one of my ‘errand runs’ was to stop by the local Harley Davidson dealer – notice how I justified that !!!  LOL


Amazingly enough, I came out with credit card unscathed !!!  Barnett’s in El Paso really spoiled me with their sales so now when I look at the prices of things I go EEEEKKKK !!

This truck was in the parking lot.  I thought it was so cool I just had to take a pic.


Oh,  I forgot to post a pic of the T-Shirt I got last week while at Jakes Corner Bar:


And here’s a few pics taken ‘around ‘da house’:


The highlight of the week was a run to Tortilla Flat – but that deserves a separate post.

G’Night Folks !



  1. Glad yer havin a great time, the pictures are beautiful as always!! Glad yer helpin the stock of HarleyDavidson.


  2. Nice job with the photos! Can you ride a bicycle at the Tortilla Flats?

  3. Kimbo, I think riding a bicycle to Tortilla Flats would be awesome - although you'd have to be very, very careful as the roads are not that wide. Though now that I think about it, I didn't see any bicycles on the road.

  4. Well, glad to finally hear from you! I was just going to send you an email and check on your whereabouts. Even checked with Patsy! Looks like everything is A-OK. Now that we can rest easy I will check out your newest photos/videos!