Sunday, February 13, 2011


How many people does it take to install a laundry rack on the back of my RV ? ONE – and it wasn’t me !!

How many people does it take to put together a ‘home-made’ flag pole ? FOUR – and that would be TWO adults; ONE teenager and ONE four-legged child.

I bought this laundry rack ‘awhile’ ago – it was one of those things I saw on the back of someone’s rig while in an RV Park and had to have it immediately ! LOL It was only a week or so ago that I finally got to opening it to discover there was NO hardware in the box. The box had been previously opened so I guess it fell out.

While going through my records to find the receipt I discovered I had bought it December 15th, 2010 ! Well that’s ‘awhile’ ago isn’t it !! LOL

Here is the link to the pics posted today:

I finally got to CW to get the hardware and yesterday decided I was going to put it together.


By following the directions precisely I got the bracket thingie on the rack – simple enough !


But now to get it on to the ladder on the back of the rig ----- Wasn’t going to happen. I fooled around with it for almost an hour – leaving it and coming back – because I knew there was something very simple that I was missing. No way could I figure out how it attached to the ladder. Near gave it ‘da flick into the desert !

Left it alone and decided to have a nap. A little while later I hear this ‘hello – hello’. It was Donna (from HD Forums) and her Daughter CJ. YES, SHE TRACKED ME DOWN AGAIN !! LOL She came by in her car to see if I had errands to run. And of course I did. Wanted to go to Home Depot (or equivalent) to get PVC piping for my flag pole.

While she was waiting for me to get ready she took a look at my laundry rack and WITHIN MINUTES had it attached to my ladder. What was I doing wrong you might ask ?? Following the directions, I would answer !!

Went to Lowe’s where hubby Joe joined us and we got the stuff needed. While at Lowe’s I took these pics. The State of Arizona CLEARLY doesn’t realize it’s FEBRUARY – the dead of WINTER - for cripes sake !!



A few more errands checked off my list and back home where Donna proceeded to put my flag pole together. You will notice how CJ (teenager) and Bennie (dog) are doing a fabulous job of ‘supervising’ ! I wasn’t TOTALLY useless – my job was to drill the holes in the PVC and take the pics.



G’Night Folks




  1. It would be dangerous to introduce Donna and Annie. They'd have the siding replaced before you knew you wanted it.

  2. ROTFLMAO - I think you might be right about that !! Donna must have asked me 10 times if I had any laundry to hang after she 'installed' the rack. And I could see her looking around to see what else needed to be done ! She's great !

  3. Donna - thanks so much for taking pity on our friend. Sassy - I'm afraid I'd be in the same boat as you with not figuring out how to get the thing hung up. I probably wouldn't have even gotten the brackets on. Thank goodness I have Jim. The flagpole looks great.