Monday, February 21, 2011



Men just don't know how to 'wiggle' I guess. LOL

What a day !! I spent the whole morning on the telephone regarding my generator problem. I first called the 800 # listed in the Owner’s Manual for Onan Generators (thanks for that tip Jim). While waiting for someone there to call me back I called East Valley RV Specialists and spoke with the Service Manager. I wanted them to send out their mobile service technician so that I didn’t have to unhook and bring my rig in there.

Now he tried to be helpful (I suppose) but really all I got were excuses and justifying about what they did and justifying the outrageous labour amount they charged me. And in all the years they have been in business they’ve never had a complaint…blah blah blah He kept going through the bill regarding the other things they did and I kept saying I would deal with him on those matters seperately as I wanted to just get the generator situation dealt with now. I also told him it wasn’t just the generator – it was also the fact that they left my bathroom area all smudged with black marks; they drained my fresh water tank etc. etc. etc. Oh, And this is how they left the cap for my holding tank drain pipe:


He told me the problem with the generator had nothing to do with the ‘service’ they did on it and it had to be something electrical – likely the voltage regulator etc. etc. While I was speaking to him (via Skype) my cell phone rang and it was the Onan guy so I took that call.

This guy (Migel) was AMAZING. He must have spent an hour on the phone with me having me do various tests. BTW, he told me my generator does not even have a voltage regulator !! He eliminated numerous things that could be the problem and narrowed it down to the possibility of a bad control board (part costing almost $400 to say nothing of what the labour would cost) or a wire touching a ground sending a signal to turn off the generator. Either problem would not require the generator having to come out completely. – which East Valley said would have to be done in order to diagnose the problem. Migel asked if I would call him back to let him know the end result which I assured him I would do.

Several other calls later to various places Migel suggested to get this work done – I have pages of notes ! So I give up on it for awhile and go outside with Bennie. There were several people out and about and one woman (Lisa) out with her two ‘small horses’. LOL VERY large dogs. Turns out she is a mechanic (or something like that ) in the military; has the identical generator; and she does all her own service work. She asked if I minded if she had a look at mine ? DUHHHHH

She asked about the spark plug. Migel had mentioned that also and I said they must not have replaced the spark plug because it wasn’t noted anywhere on the bill. A wiggle later and VABOOOM my generator is working !!! We let it run for at least 1/2 hour – with the electricity unplugged and the air conditioner turned on. Not a problem. I figure that just saved me about $1,000 !!! Because you know if Onan charges almost $400 for the part – this RV place would definitely charge more – and then the labour at $115.00 an hour.

It gets better !!! Throughout the day we spoke several more times and turns out they live in Sacramento (I’ll be travelling through there to get to B.C.). On the paper where they wrote down their address etc. they wrote “you are welcome anytime”. AND they have RV parking on their property !!! AND they told me about several places along the Coast where there are great places for me to park for awhile. AND besides all of that, they are a really nice couple. Actually for those of you who met my old neighbour in Toronto (Margriet), Lisa could be Margriet’s younger sister she looks so much like her.

Later in the day Migel called ME back to follow up on what happened !! Now that’s good Customer Service !! Oh, I never did hear back from East Valley !!

I sure am one Happy (and relieved) Camper tonight.


  1. glad to hear that you got your problem solved!...nice that it was so simple!!

  2. Wonderful. I am so glad you finally figured it out and it didn't cost you any money. Jim said to tell you that's a good thing for us to know just in case. He never thought the spark plug would cause the generator to cut off. Another one of those pieces of knowledge that we tuck away in case we ever need it again.

  3. Yipee!!! Meeting someone like Lisa almost makes the whole experience worthwhile. it certainly takes some of the sting out! Enjoy Sacremento!

  4. A simple fix.....makes you wonder if EV RVS didn't purposely set the wire loose on the plug to get more work...but probably it was the result of the plug being checked and it was just a little loose when put back on.
    Things happen for a may never have met this lady and reaped the benefit of her tips on the coastal camping......

  5. Ya, It was all good news for sure. They say "everything happens for a reason", but I also ask "who are 'they' ?" LOL

    Bob, There's something about this place that my 'instinct' tells me my generator problems were no 'coincidence'. So I will write my 'review' online to warn other RV'ers and then let it go.

  6. That's wonderful! Sound like trail magic to me!

  7. Ok, to set the record straight I am not a mechanic!!!! I supervise military mechanics, therefore I don't trust mechanics. :)

    Second. It did seem highly suspect like someone playing funny mechanic games to bring in more revenue. Where is the hidden cameras when you need one.

    It was a real pleasure meeting you. I am sure we will cross paths again. I will certainly follow your blogs. ride my safe my friend.


  8. Lisa My Hero !! LOL Glad to see you finally got Internet access. I did say 'mechanic...or something like that'. hehehe I remembered your job title had the word mechanic in it somewhere......miracle I even remembered that much !! LOL

  9. Where are you now my friend?