Saturday, February 19, 2011


The decision to ‘stay’ or ‘go’ has been made for me.  And to say I really don’t like ‘others’ making decisions for me would be an understatement !  Well,  unless I ask them to of course. I took my RV to East Valley RV Specialists on East Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ.  I was not happy when I left.


Why, you might ask ?  Well I’ll tell you…..


1.  I had made an appointment well in advance and was told to have my RV there by 9:00AM.  I decided to go there the previous afternoon (not being a morning person and all…) so it would be available first thing.  They didn’t even come to get the RV until 11:00AM.

2.  There wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with my RV, I had just decided to get some preventative maintenance done.  ie.  the generator serviced; asked them to check the furnace; hot water tank etc.  The holding tanks levers didn’t appear to be closed tight and there was a slight drip that I wanted stopped.  I also wanted to know the cost of putting in a thingamajig that hooked directly into the coach batteries that I could plug my inverter into so that I could run my computer off the coach batteries.  Bennie and I went for a little toodle on the bike and the Service guy said he would call me.

3.  It’s now 3:00PM and no call ??  I call them.  John (the guy I was dealing with) said the generator was done and they were working on the holding tank levers.  Asked about the cost of the thingamajig – he didn’t have an answer.  Asked how much longer before the RV would be ready – he didn’t have an answer.

4.  I decide to head back to see what ‘da f*ck they are doing !  I’m about 45 minutes away – via the cow path I took back.  See my rig – nope, not a soul around even looking at it.  I’m tired by now and a ‘smidge’ PISSED !!  I load the bike back into the trailer (this takes awhile) and about 1/2 hour later I see John and the technician (and I use that word very loosely !) looking at my rig.  I go over there and see that’s it’s only now (it has to be after 4:00PM by now) that they are looking at ways to install the thingamajig.  John does not appear to want to do this job ??  When I push a little further he further discourages me by saying it would be at least an hour’s labour (at $115 per hour).  Now being a ‘smidge’ PISSED I say wrap it up – give me the bill.  I didn’t even look at the bill – just gave him my credit card.  I mean after all, how much could it be ??  I left there feeling ‘ripped off’.  And I didn’t even know the extent of it at that time.

5.  I head for the first Walmart – that don’t allow overnight parking – so head to the next Walmart and park for the night.  This is where it becomes ‘interesting’.  I constantly check the levels on my little control panel thingie.  I see that my fresh water tank is just about empty….it had previously been almost full. They used my fresh water to ‘test’ that the dripping had stopped from the holding tank levers.  John knows I’m boondocking !  Then I make some toast for a sandwich – which requires turning on the generator – it starts fine and cuts out in less than a minute.  Tried it several times, same thing.  WTF did they do to my generator !!

6.  I go to the bathroom and there’s BLACK marks all around the toilet from where (obviously) they had been flushing it testing that there was no further dripping.

7.  I look at the bill and it’s over $300.00 !!  For what ?? I tried the generator several more times the next morning and same thing – starts up fine but cuts out in less than a minute.  I go back to this place – a ‘smidge’ PISSED and tell John I need someone to look at this right away; and to fill my fresh water tank; and to kindly give me the name and e-mail address of the Owner.

He does get someone to look at the generator who cannot determine the problem – and was too busy to examine it further today – and who said the generator will have to come completely out to determine the problem – and I have to bring the rig back there on Monday.

Now perhaps whatever has gone wrong with the generator was going to happen anyway ???  But that’s just too much of a coincidence for me.  I’ve had this RV for two years now and have used the generator numerous times since I got on the road in November and never had any trouble with it.

It would be safe to say that I will never go back to this place again.  This is Southern Arizona – where there are hundreds of thousands of RV’ers this time of year – and countless RV Service places to go to.

Now I have to go find a place with hookups.  I recalled seeing a place while out on the bike yesterday – Southern Palms RV Park.  Sounds fancy doesn’t it.  I call them and yes they have a spot and the weekly price is really cheap ! (That should have been my first clue – but hey I’m not thinking clearly.  LOL) I head there and as I’m getting closer to the neighbourhood I’m not getting a good feeling.  Yesterday, on the bike, I really wasn’t paying much attention to the surroundings.  I pull into this place and knew instantly I would not be staying there.  Back on the road, several more stops at different RV Parks, four hours later I finally pull into where I am now.

NO, It’s not the Ritz for sure – and it’s certainly not the Usery Mountain Park.  I’ll take pics of my ‘view’ later. But the price is great; the people seem very friendly; the Manager made sure she got someone to help me with the trailer; and it’s going to be ‘home’ for the next week.


  1. DANG!!! That just sucks! All the way around!

    Of all the RV places in southern Arizona, you gotta happen upon that one, huh? Thanks for the warning! Bad news travels fast and hopefully those #$&#*@ idiots will get the message loud and clear!

  2. Denise.....I assume that your generator runs on the same fuel and from the same tank as your units engine. If so .....and your fuel tank was at or close to 1/4 full...they automatically shut your truck engine has fuel.
    ALSO..If they service the engine...did they change the oil...because of the service you received be sure that they put oil back in it..I don't know about mechanics...but I can come over tomorrow if you are in the area....let me know

  3. Bob, Yes I have over 1/2 tank of gas - I learned the 1/4 rule awhile ago when the generator wouldn't start. LOL
    No oil change was done to the engine as I had that done recently. Just an oil change to the generator.
    Sent you an e-mail.

  4. You want we should take care a this guy? I can at least amplify the message, even if I don't take out his kneecaps.

  5. I'll let you know if I need to send the "Ducks" after them. I'm still hoping they'll do the right thing tomorrow.