Sunday, February 27, 2011



My sweet little guy is 11 years old today. Prior to Bennie, I had Skipper. This is a pic of one of the (many) pics I have of when Skipper was a baby.


Skipper got very sick suddenly when he was only 5 years ago and went to puppy heaven 11 years ago today. For some unknown reason, Skipper was my BABY Sister’s (Debbie) favourite. And he went to puppy heaven on her Birthday.

A few months later I got Bennie. Now when I picked him up I didn’t have my ‘reading glasses’ with me so when I got his birth certificate I could not see his date of birth.

When I got home with my new bundle of joy I looked at it – Bennie was born as Skipper was going to puppy heaven. Now THAT was meant to be.

Today is my BABY Sister’s 50th Birthday.

Now you never mind how old that makes me !!!!

I’d like to post an embarrassing picture of her but there is none !! Although I’m sure our Cousin Cindy may have one or two as I heard they ‘hit the town’ quite a bit when they were teenagers (I was already living in Vancouver). Here’s a pic of her taken July, 1964 (those were the days when the month and year was printed on the picture otherwise I’d never know. Debbie is on the left and on the right is another Sister, Wanda….her 50th was AGES ago !! LOL




  1. Happy Day to Bennie and Debbie. I can't believe Bennie is 11. He is so full of energy and acts like a puppy most of the time. That's a neat story. Bennie was meant to be yours.

  2. happy happy birthday to the two favourite family members in your life!..may they both have many more!!

  3. Casper says happy b-day to Bennie. I had forgotten about him being born as Skipper, whom I remember, passed away. Our animals are part of our lives and are to be treasured always.

  4. Thank you for the 50th birthday wishes ... I think!!! And happy birthday to Bennie. Skipper will never be forgotten.


  5. Aw belated birthday greetings to Bennie and Debbie. We just got back from Mexico last night - can you believe -46 at the Edm Airport! I think I'm going to book another trip today! The worst winter ever!

    I don't know how but these pets of ours tug at the heart strings. We sent a text to Greg to see how things were and let them know we arrived okay. His reply...... 'house burned down and Murphy and didn't make it' Brat! I wish mom was here, she could knit a sweater from the amount of dog hair in the house. I thought Labradoodles were not supposed to shed! Where are you now?