Sunday, February 13, 2011


I needed to get Bennie bathed today as I’m heading out of here tomorrow and will be boondocking for awhile.  ie. NO HOOKUPS

I did the ‘other dog’ first ‘cause he was easy to do.  Gosh, I’ve had that little guy for umpteen years !  I believe my good friend Irene gave him to me but I really can’t remember for sure.  Or perhaps my Sister. There are some things you just can’t part with !!


First thing to do is get everything ready.  Bennie is checking out the towels on the floor…


I’ll try to be good Mom, but I’m not gonna like it !!


Getting him hosed down……

All soaped up and rinsing off…….

Bennie thinks the drying part is play time…..


Now that ordeal is over – definitely play time and happy dance…..

I think I’ll do another happy dance for you Mom ‘cause you seem to enjoy it sooooo much !!

Back outside to get dirty again….

After that I decided to go to Walmart as I needed to stock up before I head to my boondocking spot.  Was going to do it tomorrow in the RV but hey, it was a gorgeous day and it was a good excuse for a little ride.  Didn’t take Bennie as I knew I would need his kennel to put the stuff in.

Oh dear – did I buy too much stuff – and WHERE is it all going to go ??  The saddlebags may look big, but really they don’t store a lot of stuff.


Almost there – but both saddlebags and Bennie’s kennel are now FULL.  Sure glad I didn’t buy that third quart of milk !!  And do I REALLY need those tea bags ????


I then enjoyed a leisurely ride home.

Here’s a little video clip of my campsite.

G’Night Folks !



  1. I love Bennie's happy dance. And he looks so pretty. I can't believe you were able to get all that stuff on your bike. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Enjoy your move tomorrow.

  2. love the happy dance!!..nothing like a clean dog in a small space!!

  3. Always nice to see yer snaps Sassy, safe travels...