Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sunday, January 30th.

I spent the morning doin’ my ‘thang’.  Now I really don’t know what my ‘thang’ is other than it seems to take hours and it involves being on the computer.  I can get up at 7:00AM and the next thing I know it’s Noon and I haven’t started my day. I really gotta break that habit.

It was cloudy and a little windy so I didn’t feel like going for a run into Town on the bike.  I decided to have a nap !  Great idea !!  I wasn’t going to leave Quartzsite until possibly Monday or even later – depending on when the parts would arrive for my bike.  Next thing you know it popped into my head to get on the road back to Yuma now.

One hour and 10 minutes later I was on the road.  That included getting the RV ready for travel; securing the bike and everything in the little pup; cleaning up a bit etc. etc.  I was kinda sad leaving Quartzsite because I really enjoyed it there plus I felt that I had not seen 1/4 of it !!  Oh well, hopefully there will be next year.

I pulled in to this boondocking place someone told me about while in Q.  It’s about 10 miles or so just outside of Yuma and there are at least 60 rigs here – most of whom are Canadians.

You know I’ve been boondocking now for 18 consecutive days.  And they said I couldn’t do it !!  PFFFFT !  Who are ‘they’ anyway ??  I  must have a word with ‘they’.  Other than keeping my computer charged (gotta do my jigsaw puzzles at night ya know), it has not been a hardship at all.  Besides, How else am I gonna pay for all the CHROME I’m getting on the bike this week !



Monday, January 31st.

After almost three weeks with no hook-ups major laundry needed to get done; poor Bennie was now a ‘brown’ dog, instead of his beautiful ‘white’; fresh water tank needed filling; propane etc. etc. etc.

Walmart was the first stop for a big stock up – especially for water.  After that found a place to fill my fresh water tank and top off my propane.  Tried to get Bennie groomed but couldn’t get an appointment until later in the week.  Here’s the state my poor little boy is in:


OK,  So you can’t really see the DIRT on him but trust me he was filthy !!

Tuesday, February 1st

Today headed to the Laundromat to get a start on that.  I have that ‘joy’ to look forward to again tomorrow as there’s still tons more to do.  I had found a place to get Bennie groomed and made an appointment for tomorrow.  But today at this little Mall where I was doing the laundry I saw a Pet Grooming place and sure enough they could take him in.  Now my boy is all clean and smells wonderful !




Still not the great job my own groomer does but hey.

Spoke with HD Dealer today and they are still waiting on one part.  He said he tracked it and it will definitely be in tomorrow so I have made a service appointment for Thursday morning to bring the bike in.  YUP,  My Credit Card will surely MELT after that one !!  LOL

So it looks like I’m going to be in Yuma until Friday and then I plan to head to Apache Junction for likely a week.  Here’s a few pics of ‘home’ right now:





  1. Bennie - you're so pretty and fluffy. Can hardly wait to see the chrome.

  2. Those are some beautiful mountains in the background!