Sunday, February 20, 2011


And here I was believing that Arizona didn’t know what a cloud in the sky was !!  It’s been so gorgeous everyday with bright sunny skies and deliciously warm to hot temperatures.  Loving it !!

This is the SECOND day in a row for this weather – EEEEK – can’t be havin’ that.


We are sooooo spoiled – there’s people shovlin’ snow ya know !! hehehe


I’ve been taking advantage of this time by trying to clean up some crap on my computer.  I have a gazillion things saved to “My Favourites”.  Every time I see a link on a Blog or Website I’m reading that might interest me, I save it to have a closer look at later.  Also, I started to do some more work on getting the pictures off my computer onto Picasa Web.  That is very time consuming and I’m uploading 1977 – 1980 today, so you see I have a long ways to go.

Doing this is a real trip down memory lane.  I try to keep focused on just uploading the pics, but every now and again I see an Album that I want to go through.  This was my very first bike !!!! (I think I’ve posted this before ??)


Bob and Lawrence dropped by to have a look at my generator and of course wouldn’t you know it – it DIDN’T cut out !!  grrrr  They were not gone 10 seconds when it DID cut out.  I was still outside talking to my neighbour who has two adorable little dogs.  I came inside, started the generator again, and it cut out in less than 30 seconds.

OK, Back to uploading my pics.  Sorry no sunset pics to post.


  1. D....that bike looks new in the pic....what year was it


  2. Lordie Bob - I can't remember what I did yesterday and you want to know what year the bike was !! LOL Well the pic was taken in 1980 (or close to it) and I think the bike was a '75 or '76 ????

  3. You're just a baby in that pic! Was that taken when you lived in Van?

    HOpefully the rain won't last too long. Mart and I and some friends are heading to Mexico in a few hours. Can't wait, so tired of minus 30!!!!

  4. Good luck figuring out the generator issue - sporadic (meaning only when those who could fix it aren't there) issues are the worst!

  5. Denise, the issue with the genny, look to see who the manufacturer is and contact their 1-800# and see if they have an authorized dealer nearby...the camper, trailer sales or service places don't necessarily know what they're doing sometimes(most). Good luck


  6. Nice pic. Looking at that bike takes me way back!

    The sun it'll come out tomorrow, tomorrow!

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise