Monday, January 3, 2011


Last time I went a couple of days without posting I received an e-mail from a Cousin of mine who is following my ‘journey’ daily.

The Subject Title was “Sleepless Night Denise”:

“Denise, I didn't sleep too good last night - I went to your blog and no message for 2 days...........Jesus where is she? I was up at 7:00 - big dash to the computer. Thanks be the Jesus she's o.k. But when I read following a trucker....... 15 sex offenders........ I nearly had a heart attack.”

Now she has my cell # and I assured her to use it instead of worrying needlessly.

Woke up this morning and didn’t know for sure where I was going next. I thought about Casa Grande and for some unknown reason I was looking at Ajo (pronounced Ah-Ho). 

I found an RV Park in Ajo, AZ with really good reviews.
This place appealed to me because it was off the main Interstate. I had sent them an e-mail last week with no response and then called them yesterday and got their message manager.

I wasn’t up very long when they returned my call. Once I confirmed their pull-thru site availability and that the fact that they had a site available for me for one week I knew where I was heading.

My ‘original’ plan (back in November) was to spend the Winter in Arizona and California – didn’t know then it would take me two months to get here !! LOL

I also have been looking for a place where I could stay put for awhile. I might have found it. I don’t know yet.

Driving here via the 86W I was seeing some amazing roads to ride my bike. The closer I got the more I felt that maybe a week wasn’t going to be long enough.

Their weekly rate is $172, yet their monthly rate is $290 plus electricity. They had only one monthly site left. Lots of weekly sites. The weekly sites were nicer and towards the back which is what I would have preferred.

The poor Owner must have spent an hour with me looking at the different sites before I could make my decision. I booked the site for a month. I doubt that I will stay here that long, however, it didn’t make sense to pay for the weekly and then decide to stay another week at $172 = $344.

Can’t wait to scout around here on the bike. Certainly the temps are better now. At around 5 o’clock it was 16C. Now that’s better !! 

As I was leaving to get on the road this morning I had to stop at the Post Office to mail something. The Parking Lot looked good when I pulled in…..but when I came out there were a ton more cars. Look what I got myself into:

01 02

Thanks to a kind stranger we eventually managed to get me out and on my way.

It seems I never tire of the scenes of the open road. Wonder if I’ll come across a Walmart or Harley Davidson store on this route……NOT !


While the Owner was showing me the different sites I saw this
Open-mouthed smile

Don’t forget, if you want to see the pic larger just click on it. I near wet my pants laughing. I’ve seen lots of different signs regarding requesting Owners to pick up after their dogs, but this gotta be the best one yet. 

For the next week or so I will be residing at the Ajo Heights RV Park. I’m going to experiment next with taking videos and see if I can figure out how to get those in my posts.


  1. Hey, Why is this post showing Tuesday, January 4th ?? It's Wednesday, January 3rd. Is this Windows Live Writer thing in a different time zone ?? S A N D I E ??

  2. Denise, I stayed in Ajo back in Feb 2008. Interesting area...also have a good friend who lives there. If you pass a building with a unique glass wall and a huge lizard, stop in. Ask for Michael Baker and tell him Froggi Donna is worried about him and wondering if he's okay. Check out his blog for pics: as well as his website that I did for him:

  3. Denise - not sure what happened with your date. However, Monday (not Wednesday) was the 3rd. I'll do some checking today and see if I can figure it out.

  4. Just as well to stay there a while...It snowed in California...

  5. Donna, When I get out and about I will definitely look for that unique glass wall and check in on your friend.
    Ya, I meant Monday the 3rd not Wednesday-must have been tired. LOL
    Gotta be something to do with that Live Writer thing Sandie has me doing !!

    RQ, WTF ??? Snow in California. Well I don't plan on being there until February if not March. BTW, I'll likely get a ride in today....will you ?? LOL

  6. I thought I posted a comment about Benson, but can't find it now. Anyway...Steve and I take the routhe you took to Ajo to go down to the Rocky Point Rally every year in November. Nice ride but dangerious highway 89! Too many people like to pass when they can't. Glad you are enjoying Arizona, it is beautiful all over. Have a nice stay in Ajo.

    Twiggy/Kim HDF Queen

  7. Love to buy me a double wide and about 60 feet long in Mesa Arizonia(just about 2 hours north of where you are now)!!

    I'd stay there a month no problem, lots of riding there for sure....enjoy and I am very jealous !!


  8. cautious are close to the Mexico likely have already noticed the presence of the Border Patrol. Suggest you carry your passport...helps if they stop you. You are about 2 1/2 hours from my location...I may check out your location on my way to Desert Hot Springs to visit John & Judy Hollinger..there Blog is RV Life On Wheels...All the Best..Bob ( Caffe )

  9. Kim, I didn't have any trouble on the 89. Perhaps it was just the time of day I was driving. Anytime I saw someone up my arse and wanting to pass, I just slowed down and put on my indicator to let them know to go ahead. But I must say the traffic was very light.

    Byron, BUY IT !! And spend 6 months of the year here. There's lots for sale.

    Bob, Ya, I was (am) concerned about that. On the drive down here I literally saw dozens of different 'border patrol' cars/trucks. I wondered about that ??
    Thanks for the tip re the Passport - would not have thought of that.
    I've already met two other riders here in this Park and hoping they'll take pity on me and let me tag along on their rides. LOL
    When are you headed to Desert Hot Springs ?

  10. I could.....4 snow...but only if my Harley was made of Tupperware and not steel :-)....SALT is my enemy LOL

  11. Thanks so much, Denise. I am really worried about him. He's got heart issues and hasn't posted since last fall. I really appreciate it!

  12. If you get a chance, check out Hickiwan Trails RV Park in Why, Another great area.... BIG spacious sites, great hiking, Organ Pipe Monument Park not far from there.