Sunday, January 23, 2011


I moved again this morning….only about 100 feet from where I was.  The 4th time since I arrived here on Friday.  LOL  I need a spot fairly close to the road so that I don’t have to ride over much of the loose stone on the bike to get to the paved road – and I want a spot whereby I can watch the sunset from my living room couch.  Not hard to please am I !!  LOL

And this is still not the spot…so I’ll be moving again.  Oh Well.  Today is quite windy and not overly warm.  Current temp. (at 11:45AM) is saying 61F/16C with winds from the North so it feels cooler than that.

So that, combined with me feeling a bit off today, I decided it was going to be a ‘snow’ day.  Made a late breakfast/early lunch of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese:


Pulled out the couch – got the pillows and blankie ready:


And now it’s time for a little siesta.


Oh another thing – yesterday I saw this truck driving around that said mobile windshield repair.  I thought “How cool is that !!”  Not 10 minutes later I went to clean my front windshield and what do I see – a small crack that obviously a rock had hit it.

I saw him again later (after checking with the camp host people to verify he was legit) and got him to fix it so that it wouldn’t spread and I’d have to get a whole new windshield.





$40.00 (cash) and about 15 minutes later the job is done.

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  1. yeah for the mobile windshield guy!!!..nice price!!