Saturday, January 15, 2011


Clearly I'm the only one on the PLANET that never knew about Skype. Well I 'knew' there was such a thing but hadn't taken the time to check it out.

So my friend Peter sends me an e-mail and he wants to call - oh my poor minutes I thought. Then he asked (via e-mail) if I had Skype. Well I did remember that my friend Linda suggested I use it about a year ago, but I was too busy at the time trying to save my entire life's investment aka "my condo nightmare" to look in it.

I swear to gawd my head is going to EXPLODE with all this new stuff I gotta learn. But last night I sent Lin an e-mail asking about it. WELL, after a gazillion e-mails back and forth (thanks for your patience Linda !!) and TWO HOURS (that's me trying to figure out how to download it and set it up !)......we were chatting via our computers and we could SEE each other. Naturally we both had to hold up our precious loved ones (Casper and Bennie) in front of the camera to show them off.

I say I'm the only one on the planet because when I finally did get it downloaded etc. I noticed it said 14,866,619 people online. That's 14 MILLION people !!! Me Nerves !!

We chatted for almost an hour ! And it's FREE - I still can't get my head wrapped around that.

I really do wonder how I get out of bed and dressed in the mornings !! ROTFLMFAO


  1. yeah for skype!..14 million?..wowza!..we have yet to try computer is going to have a webcam..and then we will go from there!!

  2. Hey Sassy, it's Shel_RKC from the HD Forums. A word of warning about Skype. Yes it is VERY cool and an awesome way to communicate, the only thing is---remember to always log out (as in turn it right off when you are not using it) as they use your bandwidth (internet) as a hub--you will find lots of traffic coming through your line and chewing up your bandwidth which may translate to $$ for you. (I don't know how your internet service works down there). In Ontario, we pay for x-number of gigabites of bandwidth per month---Happy Chatting---isn't technology great!!?? Cheers, Shel

  3. Shel, THANKS for that tip. While I'm travelling I bought the Verizon USB stick and buy 'data' each month. That's expensive at $80.00 per month for 5G. And it's use it or lose it as it has a one month expiry date.
    I was on their website last night to try and learn more about this new 'thing' I just discovered and noticed I was still signed in but didn't give it any more thought.
    After reading your post, I just went back in there immediately and signed out. THANKS.

  4. What is this crazy Skoop thing you're talking about?? Actually, Annie and I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone, and so I always let my calls go to Google Voice and I answer them (or not) or email the person instead. Hating the telephone saves on minutes, too.

  5. Hey Denise - you should get one of those young nephews of yours to get Alice on SKYPE! If Patsy can do the computer, I think there might be some hope for Alice ( yes, no, maybe??????)

  6. Marilyn, There's absolutely NO NO NO chance of getting Alice on the computer. She's definitely smart enough to catch on very quickly but NO WAY. Theresa even wanted her to come over to show her my Blog and pics and she doesn't even want to do that !!

  7. Hmm so that's where the stubborn gene comes from in your family!