Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is where I plan to be next week boon docking with Jim and Sandie (and their crowd) for a few days.  That is, assuming the ‘new’ plan doesn’t change.  Sandie “MADE” Jim crawl up on top of their rig to take these pics for me so that I could visualize where my next home is going to be.  LOL


This is where I figure I’ll park seeing as I really don’t like people.  LOL

(Clicky on pics to see them larger) 

But today I became concerned.  What is this ground like ??  Will I be able to ride my bike out of there ???

S A N D I E !!!!


  1. Denise - we're only about 200 yards from the paved road and Jim said if you stay on the "roads" out here you won't have any trouble riding at all. In the bottom picture you can see the "road" above the truck. So you'll just need to find a spot on hard ground that's near one of these "roads". Paul should be here today and I'll ask his opinion and let you know.

  2. That looks like a wonderful spot! Think of all the stars you'll see. You and Bennie are going to have a great time!