Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am only allowed to stop/shop at one Harley Davidson store per State/Province. (let's see how that is gonna work out. LOL

I will learn how to use this Blog better. I read Blogs that are so much nicer looking than mine. And they can insert videos etc. I don't know how to do that.

I will have all items on the seemingly never ending "To Do" list tackled by the end of January. I'm not supposed to have a To Do list. I'm an Rv'er now.


I will start cleaning out my e-mail account (just the one I use the most - I have numerous) by:

- Deleting 5 'inbox' e-mails a day - I currently have 356 in there.

- Deleting 5 'sent' e-mails a day - I currently have 1,131 in there.

P.S. I won't even tell you how how it took me to make this post and try to align all the pics up !!.


  1. Good luck with the "resolutions". I'm not making any then I won't feel bad when I don't accomplish anything.

    Have you ever tried using Live Writer? It's a free download and it's so much easier to use than posting directly to the blog. That's all I use anymore.

    But you did great with these pics. They're great.

  2. Sandie, CRAP - You mean to tell me there's something else I gotta learn. I haven't even learned what I gotta learn yet. LOL

  3. Ha Ha ha! One Harley Shop per state....good luck with that one....
    May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions...
    Road Queen ;-)

  4. Oh RQ, Now that really did make me LAUGH OUT LOUD !! But I am going to be in a different State in a few days.......

    Sandie, I downloaded that Live Writer but I'll never figure it out !! You'll have to teach me. I really am a good Student, I just hate having to read instructions.