Monday, January 10, 2011


OK, So I have a ‘dining room’ in my RV. WOOP-TEE-DOO !! LOL And it’s MASSIVE in its size at 6’ x 4’ – that’s 24 square feet of extra useable space I could have.

It really is a total waste of space for me. The food goes on the plate – I lay back in my ‘living room’ – the plate goes on my lap – the fork goes into the food – the food goes into my mouth. THE END 

Well it does have some function I suppose. Under the benches is storage and I have both sides full. (Note to self: check to see what you actually have in there !!) Plus those little drawers I ‘installed’ are fabulous. Great for scissors and ….. well whatever it is that I put in them.


LOOK…I just figured out how to put a ‘border’ on my pic. Oh there’s no stopping me now !! LOL
And one might even say it looks ‘pretty’ with the ‘bankers lamp’, the fruit; the candles…..


HOWEVER, The reality is that it has turned out to be a ‘dumping ground’ and I just cleaned it off to take the pics. Here’s the REALITY of what it's been like for most of the time I've been on the road. I have cleaned it off several times but stuff just ends up back on the table !!


And of course that drives me NUTS !! I’ve read so many Blogs whereby they have taken out the table and benches and put in great lounge chairs. I’d love to do that….but alas I haven’t a clue how to do that plus the budget just won’t allow it. 

So I will just live with my ‘dining room’ and really try harder to keep the junk off it.


  1. You need a chandalier!

    Seriously, I'm not handy but I am good at predictions. I think you will meet someone along the way who is a real DIYer and can help you transform that space.

  2. A f@cking chandalier !! I had one of those in my last house - it quickly got hauled down !!

    Kimbo, I know we've enjoyed a long and lovely friendship but when you say things like "meet someone along the way......" well then our friendship is OVER. Why would you wish something that awful on me ??? OK, SATAN, just step away!!! ROTFLMAO

  3. Okay - time to come between you two. I really think Kimbo meant that you would meet someone who could help you with your project - not to spend the rest of your life with. LOL A lot of guys who are do-it-yourselfers get really bored with the RV life style because they don't have enough to keep them busy. So they go looking for things to do in other people's rigs.

  4. We're at Ironwood RV Park in Apache Junction. We've tried to post comments numerous times without success until now. I think we've had technical difficulties.
    We go by a huge Harley store a couple miles away, and think of you when we see it. Are you thinking of coming this way?
    Grant & Lois

  5. Lard Tunderin' now we have a "hoarder" in a 31' Winnebago collecting as she goes!!


  6. LOL! No - honestly, I had something purely platonic in mind. You know, just someone nice who has a drill and knows how to use it. Let me rephrase that ....

  7. Sandie, Forget about friendship with Kimbo is OVER !!! LOL And now she's a LIAR - she certainly did not mean anything 'platonic'.

    Me Nerves ! This is just cracking me up !! BTW, I have a drill - and know how to use it !!! Actually when I owned the house I had FOUR drills; a chop-saw; a jig saw....well every tool one would ever want or need.

    Grant/Lois, So glad you were able to finally post a comment. Do you have my e-mail address ? If you gave me yours - well, let's just say it's somewhere really, really safe.....**sigh** A HARLEY STORE....well I am in a different 'State' now so I can go there and BUY and still keep my New Years Resolution !! Yup, The 'new' plan (not to be confused with the 'old' plan that was previously the 'new' plan) is to spend some time in Apache Junction. Bob (aka Sandy on this Blog)told me there is some great riding around there into the mountains and PROMISED to take me for a ride. I'll check out Ironwood RV Park.

    HarleyB, Can't be a "hoarder" room. LOL

  8. I have the same problem with my "Dining Room". All it is is a very big useless computer desk. If you go to my site and look at my "Mods and Stuff" page, you will see what I want to replace it with. Cost for me with maple cabinets, will be around $1000...gulp! Now, I if I could just find someone who will make me the same thing for nothing. LOL!

    Mike and Dee